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4 Tools to Create CSS Gradients Online

If you are a web designer, part of your job is to find the color combination for elements on the pages you are working on. And it’s not an easy job. Especially if you (or your client) want the pages to have a gradient background.

In the context of web design, creating a gradient background is a bit more complex as you need to write the code of the colors you want to use on the gradient — to your CSS code. Not to mention other parameters such as percentage, gradient direction, and so on.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of online tools out there that you can use to create CSS gradients so that you don’t need to write the CSS code of a gradient manually. You can simply create the gradient visually and then copy the generated CSS code of the gradient and paste it to the web design tool you use.

We have curated 4 of the best tools to create CSS gradient online.

1. Gradienta

Gradienta is one of the best resources to create CSS gradients online. It comes with a gradient editor to allow you to create a gradient visually. The editor allows you to add as many colors as you want to the gradient. You can also set the position/stop of each color on the gradient by simply dragging it leftward and rightward. There are six gradient types you can create with the Gradienta editor:

  • Linear
  • Repeating Linear
  • Radial
  • Repeating Radial
  • Conic
  • Repeating Conic

Gradienta automatically generates the CSS code of the gradient as you create it. Once done creating the gradient, you can simply copy the generated code right beneath the editor. You can place the code to any design tool that supports custom CSS. Including Webflow, Elementor, to Divi Builder.

On top of that, Gradienta also offers over 100 ready-to-use CSS gradients to save you time. In addition to CSS, Gradienta also allows you to download the gradient you have created into an image format (JPG, PNG, SVG).

2. CSS Gradient

CSS Gradient, as the name suggests, is an online tool designed to create CSS gradient. The tool also comes with a visual editor that is extremely easy to use just like Gradienta above. At the time of writing (October 15, 2022), CSS Gradients supports only two gradient types: linear and radial.

The way CSS Gradient works is pretty similar to Gradienta. The tool automatically generates the CSS code as you create the gradient on its editor. CSS Gradient also allows you to add multiple colors to your gradient. When creating a linear gradient, you can set the gradient degree.

3. Coolors

Coolors is not designed specifically to be a gradient maker. Instead, it provides a tool for web designers to work with colors. Coolors is a great tool to generate shades and tints of a color.

The gradient maker?

Coolors also comes with a visual editor to create both a linear and radial gradient just like CSS Gradient and Gradienta. You can also add multiple colors for your gradient and has a freedom to set the stop of each color. Coolors provide the CSS code of the gradient for some specific web browser engines.

If you run out of ideas, Coolors also offers tens of gradient ideas you can copy.

4. AngryTools

AngryTools is a website that offers a set of design tool. One of the offered design tools is a CSS gradient generator, which you can use to create CSS gradients online. You can use the AngryTools’ CSS gradient generator to create four gradient types:

  • Linear
  • Radial
  • Elliptical
  • Conical

The tool also allows you to add unlimited colors to the gradient and the ability to set the gradient degree. Same as Coolors above, AngryTools also offers CSS code for specific web browser engines like webkit (Google Chrome) and Gecko (Mozilla Firefox).

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