Top 3 Reasons to Advertise on Google Ads

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Top 3 Reasons to Advertise on Google Ads

Unlike other popular marketing strategies in the digital world, Google ads is not free.
You can post content on your social media handles, connect with top influencers and build your brand without spending your money.

You can create new and engaging content that will drive organic traffic to your site without paying huge bills.

You can make exciting new YouTube videos and also build a highly engaged audience for free.

But when using Google ads, it is a pay-to-play terrain where funds can be lost in a few days or weeks. Although it has its risk in both your money and time, Google ads is the way to go.

According to Move Ahead Media’s Google ads services, below are the top reasons why you should advertise on Google.

1. Google is the most popular search network and has a high average ROI

Google is the king of the digital world. It dominates all aspects of the online world. Even when going through the daily activities offline, you’ll hear people say, “just Google it.”

In terms of success and user base, other search engines do not measure up to Google. According to a study by Net MarketShare, the search engine market is dominated by Google, and it has about 72% of the search engine users worldwide. It is the most popular and most used search engine, dominating Yahoo and Bing.

So, when you are thinking of an advertisement strategy, unless your brand appeals to everyone, you need a medium that can reach even the most specific and segmented audiences. No advertising strategy compares to Google ads in respect of this.

2. Google Ads incorporate diverse ad options to fit all business goals and models:

Google ads is not a one-trick pony show. It has numerous various features that businesses in any industry can use to push their online presence.
Are text-based ads on Google search results your preference? No worries, you can do this in a few minutes.

Do you want your local brands on Google Maps? This can be easily done.
You can also showcase your brand by advertising through Google TrueView on Youtube.

The features of Google ads are almost limitless. You can also run campaign ads using:

  • Partner websites
  • Phone call
  • Mobile app downloads
  • Maps
  • Google search results
  • Youtube
  • Gmail
  • And more.

You can remarket your products to get people who didn’t purchase anything from you to come back for an item the first time. For example, if such people click on your ads but don’t usually buy anything from you, you can create a new campaign targeting those users.

3. Google Ads produce fast sales with less work

Social media allows you to begin with nothing. No retweets, likes, shares, or followers. But building a social media following and creating consistent and active engagements can be very difficult.
Unless you already have a top-rated site or a huge following, it can take you months or even years to generate and accumulate social engagements.

SEO is not also a sudden hack system or a random growth strategy, and it is a marketing strategy that requires months of planning before coming to fruition.

You need to get the right keywords, optimize the site, and create content. Even at that, you will be competing with many other businesses. So, all your content must be quality, have lots of backlinks and shares. You must also keep the content regularly updated.

Once that is done, you can begin to reap noticeable results.

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