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12 Tools to Transfer Large Files Online

The technology of internet enables you to do a business with someone else even if you guys don’t meet physically. If you rely on internet to run your business, there will be a situation where you need to transfer files in a large number online. Let’s take an example.

Let’s say you are a freelance photographer who work for an online magazine (National Geographic, may be). Since your job requires you to move from one place to another to get new photos, it’s impossible to visit the office of the magazine you work for, only to give your photos. So, you start thinking of being more flexible by utilizing internet.

In such case like I explained above, you need a reliable tool that allows you to transfer files in a large number online. Why don’t just utilizing email? Of course you can choose that method too. But, most email services come with limited size of attachment. For instance, Gmail only allows you attach file with the maximum size of 25 MB.

Whatever your reason and situation, here are the tools you can use every time you need to transfer large files online.

1. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a popular enough service that allows you to transfer files in a large number online. Many people love using this service as it comes with a very easy to use interface. You don’t have to create an account in advance, but you will be asked to enter your email before starting to transfer files. WeTransfer is a freemium service. Free account only allows you transferring files with the maximum size of 2 GB, while the premium allows you to transfer up to 20 GB with additional features, including password protection. In addition to web, WeTransfer is also available for iOS and Android devices.

2. Filemail

If you are looking for a tool to transfer large files online that has more features than WeTransfer, Filemail would be a good stop. Same as WeTransfer, Firemail is also a freemium service. The free version of this service offers more features than WeTransfer. The free version allows you to transfer files up to 30 GB. You will also get such features as delivery tracking and torrent file to let your recipient downloading the files you transferred easier. You can transfer files in a big size and number with Firemail since it imposes the expiration on your files. If you are transferring files with free account your files will last for 7 days.

In addition to web, Filemail also offers client apps for desktop and mobile devices. Outlook users can also integrate this service to get the most out of it. Furthermore, you can also integrate Firemail with your website. For instance, you can add a form to receive files from your users/customers.

3. Send Anywhere

Just like the name suggests, this service allows you to transfer large files online from anywhere using any device. Send Anywhere offers a client app for all major platforms from Linux, Windows, masOS, iOS to Android. There are even Chrome extension and WordPress plugin too. If you scare that your files will be fall into the wrong hands if you transfer them online, Send Anywhere can reduce the risk. It is because your recipient will be asked to enter a 6-digit pin you are going to get.

Send Anywere uses P2P architecture to transfer your files, which mean your files never touch the Cloud and leave no trace after the transfer is complete. In other words, it is a safer concept of file transfer. Additionally, you can also integrate Send Anywhere with tools and services such as Slack, Gmail, Outlook and lots more.

4. pCloud

pCloud is basically an online service to enable you store and manage files online. However, this tool also offers a service to enable you transferring large files online. You can also send files without having to create an account with this tool. The maximum size allowed is 5 GB. You can also protect the files you are going to send with a password to ensure it won’t be opened by the wrong hands.

5. DropSend

DropSend allows you to transfer large files online for up to 4 GB using its free account. The service also won’t require you to create an account in advance before being able to start transferring. However, you need to provide your email address in the transferring process. To ensure your files are transferred securely, DropSend adopts the 256-bit AES security. If you need to transfer larger files, you can also subscribe to the paid service which cost from $5 per month. With paid service you can share files up to 8 GB.

Unlike four tools mentioned earlier above, DropSend imposes send restriction. Free plan only allowed to send files 5 times per month. In addition to web, DropSend also provide client apps for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. There is also an app to enable you integrate DropSend with Outlook.

6. TransferNow

TransferNow is totally free tool that allows you to transfer large files online. Creating an account isn’t also required in this tool, but you will get a 1 GB additional wider limit if you create an account. Unregistered members can transfer files up to 4 GB with 15 days expiration of the transfer. If you think that that 15 days is too long you can also make it shorter. TransferNow also offers password protection for the files you will transfer. Additionally, there is also a transfer manager for registered members to keep track of your transfers.

7. MyAirBridge

MyAirBridge is another handy tool to transfer large files online. It has a very nice look interface. This tool also allows you to transfer files without creating any account. There are two options you can choose of how your files should be transferred, via email or link. MyAirBridge basically comes with a large transfer limit but it has a very short expiration. You can attach up to 20 GB files per transfer with 2 days expiration. Unfortunately, there is no security method offered by this tool. It will probably a bit risky to transfer as big as 20 GB files without password protection especially if you choose the send via link option. The very short expiration maybe can help little bit.

8. WeSendit

WeSendit is another freemium tool that allows you to transfer large files online. Free account is limited to 5 GB per transfer, while the premium one has a wider limit of 20 GB. WeSendit offers a security feature by using an encrypted connection when transferring your files. It also provide a transfer and download confirmation. You can actually add password protection but you need to upgrade your account to do this. Additionally, paid plan also offers scheduled file transfer.

9. PlusTransfer

If you are looking for a very simple way to transfer large files online, PlusTransfer can be your proper option. Same as most tools in this list, you can also start transferring files with PlusTransfer without having to create an account. You can upload up to 5 GB files per transfer. You will also be able to set the expiration period of the files you will share. The rest, there is no other feature offered by this tool.

10. TransferXL

Another freemium service to transfer large files online. TransferXL also has a sleek interface and easy to use. TransferXL will store your files temporarily on the cloud for a certain span. You can select the location of the server. There are four different locations offered from Singapore, USA, Germany to South America. To make your files transferred securely, you can also select the encryption option before starting the transfer. How many files you can transfer with TransferXL?

Free plan is limited to 5 GB with one week of retention, while paid plan can transfer up to 10 GB, depends on the package you choose. All plans feature an end-to-end encryption to ensure your files are transferred more securely.

11. MailBigFile

MailBigFile also offers a free plan to enable you transferring large files online without having to both creating an account and spend any dollar. However, the free plan is very lack of option. First, you only allowed to select five files per transfer although basically you have a 2 GB space. Second, there is no security is offered. However, the choice remains in your hand. If you want keep to use this tool it will be better subscribe to its paid plan I think.

12. JumboMail

Last but not least. JumboMail is another nice tool to transfer large files online. This is also a freemium tool. You can use this tool for free to transfer files in large number online. However, premium service is also available with additional features like management tool and advanced security options. Free plan can transfer files up to 2 GB with one week of retention.

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