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How to Transfer Photos from Flickr to 500px

If you are looking for a website to display hundreds of your photo collections (or even thousands may be) then Flickr will be the best choice. The photo sharing service gives you a 1TB of free storage to enable you have more collections.

Before going further with this article, let’s count how many photos you can have with a 1TB storage.

Let’s say every photo sized approximately 5MB. 1TB is equal to 1,000,000 MB. Just divide that number with 5MB and we will get the result of 200,000.

200,000!. That’s the number of photos you can have in Flickr with each photo sized 5MB. Surely, it’s not a small number.

I don’t know the problem but, there are some photographers who prefer to stop using Flickr and switch to another service. 500px is one the common choices chosen by photographers who want to move from Flickr. Those who want to move to 500px may be is because this photo sharing service has a market place feature to allow them sell their premium photos directly from their account. Or, they probably love the way 500px conducting a photo quest regularly.

500px has a built-in feature to allow users importing photos from other services (including Flickr). Follow these steps if you want to transfer your photos from Flickr to 500px.

Before getting started, please note that 500px limits you with 20 photos per week. If you want to submit more than 20 photos a week you need to upgrade your free account to premium.

Transfer Photos from Flickr to 500px

  • Visit and login with your account. Click the Upload button at the top-right corner.

  • Below the Select Photos button you will see some services which you can choose to import the photos from. Just select Flickr.

  • You will have a dialog that ask you to connect your 500px account to Flickr. Just click the Connect to Flickr button.

  • Click the OK, I’LL AUTHORIZE IT button to make the authorization.

  • Select the photos you want to transfer and click the Upload button.

  • You can add some keywords of each photo before it’s truly published to 500px. Once you done adding keywords, click the Publish photos button.


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