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Uncover Who Is On Your Network

When you are managing a large technologically based company, it may seem like your network gets overrun by countless devices. Everything from your printer to the IP phones, to all of your employees’ cellular devices, ends up on your network. This makes it even more important to be able to discover devices on network to make sure that you don’t have any unwanted guests on your network that could cause you harm.

Discovering devices on your network can be done with a Simple Network Management Protocol network discovery tool. Total Network Inventory offers a great network discovery tool that is easy to use and works on any network. This helpful tool can run a scan of your network that will show you just what devices are currently on your network. After you have run your scan to discover exactly what devices are on your network, Total Network Inventory’s network discovery software will also find detailed information about each device.

Once you have gathered this information about the devices on your network, such as your routers, switches, network printers, and any other managed devices you have in your office, this network discovery tool will also generate a complete summary of the information of all the devices on your local area network. These summaries could include information on your switches, routers, printers, print servers, NAS, DSL modems, DSL routers, modems, wireless routers, or your IP Phones. This is all useful information to have when you are trying to keep everything in working function.

A network discovery tool helps you not only discover devices on your network but also helps you make sure they are up to date. It is very important to make sure that all of the hardware and software on your devices are up to date in order to protect the security of your network. When hardware and software go out of date, it leaves you open to potential security threats that the newest hardware and software could protect you against.

Discovering devices on your network also allows you to keep a better inventory of your devices for practical reasons. For example, if you use a network discovery tool as part of a network management software, you can keep track of different pieces of inventory for your devices. This can have a very practical application in monitoring something like toner levels in your printers for example. This can be a time-consuming job, but if you have discovered a printer on your network, you can easily check the toner levels and have a cartridge ready when it is about to run out. This helps keep your office running smoothly and efficiently because you no longer have to manually check every printer, and you can make sure to have toner ready and waiting so you never have a printer down.

As a business owner or manager of an office building, it is important to be able to discover devices on your network. Tools like the SNMP Network Discovery Software offered by Total Network Inventory can be useful in discovering these devices and also monitoring them to ensure they are working properly, up to date, and efficiently.

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