5 Websites to Watch Horror Movies Online with No Sign Up Required

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5 Websites to Watch Horror Movies Online with No Sign Up Required

Compared to other movie genres, let’s say romance or action, horror tend to less popular. But, this genre has loyal fans who never miss any new releases of horror movies.

In recent days, movie theater is not the only place where people can watch movies. There are some websites that enable you to watch movies online from any genre, including horror. If you have explored some movie provider websites, they commonly require you to create an account first before being able to watch the movies.

If you mind to give your personal data but still want to watch the horror movies online, you can refer to the following list.

1. Box TV

If you consider your self as a horror movie addict you have to — sometimes — watch a Hindi movie because Hindi movies have different style to Hollywood movies. Like what? Just see by yourself.

Box TV is not specifically offers horror movies. Instead, it offers various movie genres which you can choose from. Horror is one of the genres you can choose. All movies can be watched directly without having to sign up. If you curious what are Hindi horror movie look like, Box TV is the place to go.

2. Viewster

Same as Box TV, Viewster isn’t also specifically offers horror movies but it has dozens collections of horror movies. Although most movies are low-budget, but they really worth to be watched. The video quality is also good enough. The good part about Viewster is that it also offers mobile app to enable you watch horror movies from your mobile devices.

3. RetroVision

Its name told it all. RetroVision hosts tons of movies and tv series from the past. Ranging from 40’s to 70’s. If you are a member of that old movie fans, RetroVision is a great website for you. There are tens titles of old horror movies you can watch on this site. Just prepare your mentality before watching movies available in this site.

4. TubiTV

TubiTV is a website that enable you to legally watch movies from various genre, for free. The website has abundant collections and they available in very good quality. Horror is one of the genres you can watch. All videos are free to be watched without require you to sign up except for movies flagged as adult movie.

5. Cmovieshd

Cmovieshd is another nice website that has tons movie collections for various genres, including horror. In this site you can also directly watch your preferred movie without having to sign up or perform any action. Each movie has been labeled with a tiny yellow tape containing a word of SD, CAM, and HD. Showing the quality of each video. Hovering your mouse on each video you will see a pop up containing a brief information about each video like duration, IMDb score and synopsis.

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