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Let me guess what’s on your mind when deciding to look for a WeTransfer alternative. You must want to send files larger than 2 GB, but don’t want to spend any money. Don’t you? I feel you, since I once on that situation, too.

WeTranser is a great online transfer tool which allows you to transfer large files online. However, free account is limited to 2 GB only. There are similar services out there that allow you to send large files online with the larger file sizes, for free. Just like I said a couple times, popular doesn’t always mean the best.

So, if you are looking for a WeTransfer alternative to send files larger than 2 GB, here are some options you can choose.

1. Send Anywhere

Just like the name suggests, Send Anywwhere is the tool that allows you to send large files online from anywhere and any device. Send Anywhere provides apps for nearly all platforms you possibly know — from desktop platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux –, to mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. In addition, Send Anywhere also provides WordPress plugin, Google Chrome extension and Amazon Kindle.

Most importantly, you can send larger files than WeTransfer. In Send Anywhere you can send large files up to 4 GB, for free. You can opt whether want to send your files via email address or direct link. The link of the files you sent will be last for a week. Send Anywhere also provides a QR code for each of transfer you make for easier downloading.

2. Filemail

Filemail is the most standout among similar tools. You can send as large as 50 GB files with this tool, for free. The link of the files you sent will be available for 7 days if you use free version of Filemail. Free version of Filemail comes with rich enough features. Aside from the ability to send large files, you will also get a delivery tracking. If your recipient know how to use torrent, BitTorrent download is also available. You can actually also apply the password-protection to link of your files. However, this features is only available for paid version of Filemail. Filemail also offers apps for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS to allow you instantly send large files from any device.

3. TransferNow

If you are looking for a free tool to share large files online with a password-protection option then TransferNow is the tool you need. In addition, you can also set the expiration date by yourself with the longest option is 15 days. The download confirmation feature can helps ensuring your files have been downloaded by your recipients. The maximum size of the files you can send with TransferNow is 4 GB. You can use this tool without having to create account, but there are some benefits if you become the member of TransferNow, including the Transfer Manager feature.

4. pCloud

The main service of pCloud is actually online storage. But, it also has a tool to enable you send large files online for free. The maximum size of files you can send with pCloud is 5 GB. You can also use this tool without having to create an account first. Password-protection is probably the feature you want most from pCloud. The download link of the files you sent will be available for 7 days before expired.

5. DropSend

Security is the featured feature highlighted by DropSend. If you send files online using this tool your files will be protected by a 256 AES High Level Encryption. The maximum size of files you can send with this tool is 4 GB (for free account). However, you will only be able to send files 5 times per month. Not too good if you frequently send large files online. DropSend also provides apps for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS to enable you sending large files only from any device.

6. MyAirBridge

MyAirBridge is another online tool you can use to transfer large files online for free without creating any account. The maximum size of files you can send with this tool is 20 GB with only 3 days of link availability period. No password-protection features is offered for free account. You can also opt whether want to send files via direct link or email for more private.

7. PlusTransfer

PlusTransfer might has no sleek interface like WeTransfer. Plus you have to deal with the banner ads. But, it allows you send larger files than WeTransfer with ease. Without having to register, you can send large files up to 5 GB. Unlike other similar tools which commonly offers two sending method options; via email and direct link. PlusTransfer only allows you send large files via direct link. No password-protection feature is offered, but you can set a custom expiration date. If you wish it, you can set the expiration period of the download link of the files you sent to only one day.

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