What are the Criteria for Evaluating the Best E-Learning Authoring Tool?

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What are the Criteria for Evaluating the Best E-Learning Authoring Tool?

Imparting training is the most important step in starting the onboarding process. For this, the choice of authoring tool should be according to the needs of the organization and the type of training required. There are many options available for authoring tools, which makes the decision even harder. Is it perfect for beginners? Is the content suitable for experts? Is it compatible with viewing on a mobile phone? What kind of license do they have and more?

But Let’s First Understand what is an Authoring Tool?

An e-learning authoring tool is software that allows the users to create lessons in the form of text, media, presentations, and more. It is a piece of software that enables the formation of content in a digital space. One such authoring tool is iSpring Suite. It is used for creating online courses and many forms of e-learning projects. The iSpring reviews says a lot about the authenticity of the software.

In order to make this search easy, there are various criteria mentioned below for evaluating the best e-learning authoring tool:

Easy User Interface

The authoring tool should be simple to use. Its UI should be easy to navigate and not so complex that the users get lost in the software itself. It should be intuitive. For example, there should be easy tabs to add pages, edit the product and more.

Continuous Help and Support

The e-learning authoring tool must have a round the clock support system where any query related to the software is addressed in no time. It is one of the most overlooked features but carries immense importance. It should have integrated services for help and support. They can even include online tutorials and phone system support for better addressability of the problems.

The Flexibility to Personalize the System

To be able to customize the e-learning authoring tool according to the needs and preferences of the employee is becoming a priority for every organization. To change the layout design, colors or to even integrate the branding can only happen if there is flexibility of customization.

Responsive Feature

In today’s day and age where the value of time is unmatched, learning can happen anywhere. Be it on the commute to work on a train or while having กาแฟ ส เป เชีย ล ตี้ in the evening.
For this, the authoring tool must have a responsive design feature whereby the layout can be adjusted according to the device. For example, if you are using a smartphone then the pictures can have a dedicated page for better loading time and ease of reading.

Diverse Functionality

Apart from offering the basic integration of system features like texts, images and videos, there are other functions as well which are needed in a responsive e-learning authoring tool. Like providing a collection of training materials in the form of PDFs or through PowerPoint. Another important function is recording and capturing images and videos directly within the authoring tool itself. The usage of both the mediums is rapidly increasing and should definitely be present in the authoring tool.


Now that you have picked up the best e-learning authoring tool, the question arises, will that fit your budget? Is it really worth investing in? This is when you can make use of free trials and demo before making any commitment to the software. It should be able to meet the organization’s goals and objectives.


Choosing the right authoring tool can be challenging at times. It has to meet current requirements but should also be flexible enough to develop a comprehensive approach for a better future. It should have the potential to develop and evolve in the coming years to produce even more relevant learning material. Change is inevitable and the only way to survive in this constant evolving era is to keep ourselves updated and informed at all times

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