What is Behind a Salesforce Data Migration?

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What is Behind a Salesforce Data Migration?

Simply put, Salesforce migration is a process of transmitting support data from one ticketing or help desk system to another. The process is usually performed by CSV or API importing tools or automated services and data migration professionals. This process requires careful planning to safely move all the necessary customer service data to a dedicated platform.

Many businesses are now striving for customer service digitalization and overall improvement. The support data migration plays an invaluable role in advancing the customer experience and enhancing the workload of your support service team. And Salesforce Service Cloud becomes a desired destination for many SMEs in their digitalization journey.

Why Would You Need Data Migration?

Among the popular reasons for Salesforce data migration include the following:

  • Need to improve the quality of customer service and fulfill clients’ and business requirements.
  • Consolidate your help desk instances after being acquired or after acquiring another company.
  • Move data to Salesforce Cloud Service from another platform for easier data management, analysis, and enhanced performance of the support service team.

There can be many reasons, but all of them have the same goal – the optimization of customer service on the client’s and support reps’ sides, advance data management and security, as well as enlarge the integration capabilities with other business services and tools.

How to Run Salesforce Data Migration Properly?

Salesforce migration planning is extremely significant because, without it, your help desk change will take more time and effort than expected:

  1. First of all, consider the historical records you need to move, custom fields, and what setting should be done before importing data to Salesforce.
  2. Secondly, identify the least heavy timing of your help desk system and whether you are going to use the current platform or Salesforce during the data transfer.
  3. Thirdly, select a reliable way for transferring your customer service records to a desired help desk platform.

Let’s consider that the planning part is handled, you know what historical data moves to a new ticketing system, and you decided on the support agent licenses and custom fields you need on your new Salesforce instance. How to move data? There are three ways:

  • A vendor’s importing tool;
  • An in-house team develops API integration or importer or you hire an outsourcing agency for that task.

An automated migration service like Help Desk Migration that doesn’t require coding, but offers built-in customizations, mapping of your records, and free test of their service.

The vendor’s importing using Salesforce Data Import Wizard requires you to format CSV files from your current help desk system to meet the Salesforce requirements and map them – that takes time and might cause some mess if you mix CSV tables.

In the second case, you build your own or hire some agency to create a custom API importer within the Salesforce Environment to perform the migration for you. However, you need to control this process and be ready to prepare a separate budget for this custom tool.

Your best and fastest course of action would be to use a Help Desk Migration service as your Salesforce migration method. Compared to the previous approaches, this SaaS importing service protects you from risks like incorrect mapping, insecure data transfer, or data loss.

Anyway, customer service data migration requires profound planning and migration tool testing so you can choose the best fitting option.

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