What is Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)?

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What is Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)?

The term CCNA refers to Cisco Certified Network Associate refers to an entry-level certification for IT. This is the main certificate the network hardware company offers to make the candidate eligible for the fundamental training concepts. The knowledge is also needed for the certificate-level exams for the different IT positions. You can browse around here for the CCNA exam. If you want to give the CCNA exam, it will cost you $300 with the tax. You must have good experience with computer networks and training sessions for the particular exam level. And after the CCNA level exam, you will get different jobs,i.e., near about 6000 jobs.

What is the Decided Cost of the CCNA Exam?

The CCNA exam cost will be near about $300 with tax. If you are thinking of the exam, you can also choose some of the Cisco learning Credits to get the exam. These types of credits are the prepaid credits that the company offers. With the credits, the organization’s employees will get to know about the preferences of the CISCO.

What Kind of Things are Included in the CCNA exam?

The CCNA exam is of different categories as different terms are included. Here we will discuss the various terms included in the CCNA exam. We have maintained a list to help you know about the different concepts in detail.

1. Network Fundamentals:

Different components are included in the network fundamentals, such as switches, access points, and routers. These concepts include the physical interfaces, and cabling types,i.e., IPv4 or IPv6. Wireless virtualization and fundamental switching are the terms included in it. 20% of the portion comes from this network fundamentals.

2. Network Access:

The network access comes with 20% knowledge, including configuring and verifying VLANs, a layer of discovery protocols, Etherchannerl, Cisco wireless architectures, physical WLAN components, Wireless LAN, and many more other things.

3. IP Connectivity:

The IP connectivity syllabus comes with 25% including the router decision making, router decision, verifying IPv6 and IPv4, single area OSPFv2.

4. IP Services:

The IP services include the DHCP, DNS, NAT, NTP, SNMP, and other features. It uses the SSH with the description of TFTP and FTP.

5. Security Fundamentals:

The security concepts of the threats like mitigation, password policies, access control, physical access, wireless security protocols, and other features. It also includes two-layer security features and wireless security controls.

6. Automation and Programmability:

It includes 10% of the portion like comparing traditional networks, automation, interpreting, and other things.

Courses and Training

Cisco also offers training courses for the students to learn and enhance their skills in a particular field. At the nearby college, many courses will get you a good price. Here you will see the number of courses offered by the CISCO. The courses list is discussed here below:

  • The CISCO is giving an online course known as Implementing and Administering Solutions. It is a course that is designed so that you will easily pass the CCNA exam.
  • The full knowledge related to computer communications will also give you detailed information about the networks and other things.
  • You can also take the computer network and Cisco course if you are looking at what you want to learn in the network course. The course will be completed within the minimum time,i.e., 3 hours.

Benefits of CCNA

The CCNA course will come under such courses that will give new technology to the students. With the help of a CCNA course, the students will learn about many things. And it becomes easy for them to grab things at a good level. Browse around here to see the best benefits that the course is offering you. They can also boost their career with the CCNA certification course. After the particular course, the individual’s salary will also get increased.


You can conclude that the CCNA is a certification exam mainly for the students to increase their knowledge. This certification course includes a set of many things. And it also covers a major portion of subjects like IP connectivity, automation and programmability, and other things. When we take the certification course, it also includes some charges, and it will also charge the amount of tax along with the specific fees.

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