What Should You Know About How to Extract Web Content?

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What Should You Know About How to Extract Web Content?

Most reputable analysts worldwide claim that the web scraping software market is growing intensively nowadays. For example, LinkedIn specialists believe that the mentioned sector will rise by 13.69% annually by at least 2032. Experts explain such an intensive development due to the numerous advantages of data collection services.

Despite the high demand for online info scraping globally, plenty of people still don’t know how to extract web content properly. That’s why professionals decided to create a list of the main features of collecting info on the internet. So, let us talk a bit about it.

How to Extract Web Content from Different Types of Online Pages

Here, the following cases should be noted:

  1. Collecting data from static online pages. In this scenario, you need to use simple web scraping bots with no specific functions.
  2. Extracting info from dynamic web pages. Here, it’s necessary to employ robots having features allowing gaining data from pages with the AJAX technique.
  3. Scraping information from web pages with endless scrolling. In this case, some information appears after you scroll down a page. So, it’s necessary to customize your bot properly. Thus, data scraping robots should have functions enabling you to select scrolling times, scrolling methods, and so on.
  4. Collecting hidden info. Some web pages require online users to push a button or click a link to visit them. Here, you should use web scraping robots able to extract data between source code lines.

Additionally, it’s necessary to recall that data mining bots can collect certain content (only images or just hyperlinks) from web pages. However, solely reputable IT agencies (like Nannostomus) can create such robots in a proper way.

How to Extract Web Content and Don’t Get Penalized

First, you should learn all the local laws protecting data. For example, in the EU, it’s necessary to comply with GDPR. The latter doesn’t allow collecting personal details. In the USA, you sort of can scrape data from public registers or social media (such as Facebook). However, clear laws on this issue are accepted only in California (CPRA and CCPA).

What Should Be Known About Personal Info Collection?

Typically, information, like ID details, isn’t allowed to be scraped. You also may be fined in the case of the following data extraction:

  • Political leanings and religious affiliation;
  • Specific info (sexual preferences, gender, etc.);
  • Private photos and videos;
  • Contacts (phone numbers, emails, etc.).

In most regions worldwide, it’s allowed to collect information about your consumer behavior and localization (through GPS tracking options), though. However, experts don’t recommend posting such content. So, it’s better to use the mentioned info, e.g., to conduct research or perform an analysis that won’t be published.

What Should You Know About Copyright?

You may extract and use in any way copyright-free content. But it’s not allowed to employ copyrighted data. The only ways you may process such information are to buy it or ask authors for permission to use their content. Scrapers can publish some short quotations of copyrighted texts, though. But you should always note such content’s original creators.

Final Thoughts

It’s possible to significantly improve your business efficiency if you extract web content. Moreover, data collection is widely employed to achieve non-profit purposes. This includes looking for missing people, preventing crimes, etc.

However, you should extract web content ethically to avoid trouble with the law. This means shunning collecting personal data and copyrighted information. You may get more details on this theme from skilled specialists, for instance, at nannostomus.com.

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