What to Do If Your ISP Keeps Letting You Down

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What to Do If Your ISP Keeps Letting You Down

Generally, ISPs provide fast and high-quality services because they are interested in their customers. If you disagree with this statement, your ISP deliberately slows down your Internet speed to minimize bandwidth congestion. And since such actions also happen, they’ve even been called: “bandwidth throttling.” But no one wants to be deceived and let down, especially if they pay for such doubtful services. So, we decided to write this article to help you deal with this annoying problem.

Aware Means Armed

People can face honest service providers and not-so-honest ones in any field. Unfortunately, ISP throttling is a common situation that some users have to deal with from time to time. We don’t think you should put up with unsuitable Internet speeds and be led by your provider. It’s better to look for a solution. But first, you must find out if your ISP started the throttling. So, you can find out by these signs:

  • Speed test results appear slow;
  • Constant buffering when browsing;
  • Some web-dependent actions are much slower than others.

You can also run an Internet speed test with and without a VPN to see if it’s limited. If you know the root of the problem, you automatically have a better chance of fixing it. But if you want your issue resolved as quickly as possible, use the online service Howly, where you can chat with a qualified expert anytime. This service is also good because it selects a specialist specializing directly in your issue.

VPN: Best Tool for Bypassing Bandwidth Limitations

Bypassing throttling with a VPN is the best solution in such a situation. That means VPN won’t let the Internet service provider detect your connection, eliminating the possibility of throttling. Moreover, the benefits of this method are that it provides absolute security and protection of your data. For many years, the Internet discussion about privacy hasn’t lost popularity. It explains the considerable development of virtual private networks.

They allow you to bypass traffic shaping and guarantee your privacy. But of course, let’s not forget the flip side of the coin. Not all networks guarantee the promised security. The popularity of this tool, which we have already mentioned above, has increased the market for fake VPNs. Consequently, it would help if you thoroughly researched all possible networks to find the one that suits you.

And best of all, to avoid spending a lot of time searching and eliminate the possibility of error, immediately seek advice from the Howly experts. So, the first thing you should do is to hide your web traffic to make yourself invisible to your Internet service provider. Typically, throttling is only possible when an IP address can see your traffic. When your data is encrypted with a VPN, the ISP can’t separate a particular section of its choice and throttle it. And that means that you’ve solved the problem.


As we can see, the situation with an intentional slowdown of the Internet speed is a widespread online problem among users, whether it is caused by bandwidth limitations or something else. Fortunately, many quality VPN services available today don’t leave the Internet service providers to limit your traffic and guarantee your online privacy.

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