What to Expect from Artificial Intelligence in 2020

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What to Expect from Artificial Intelligence in 2020

Artificial intelligence seems to be the next big thing in human history. You must have noticed the first devices infused with this technology in places like Inside Tech. A new decade just started, so naturally, you want to know what to expect from the coming changes thanks to AI development. MIT reported that nine of ten tech companies invest in AI technology today, but the impact of this investment is quite minimal so far. Artificial intelligence is most definitely the future, and 2020 should be an active year for its development. Let’s talk about the AI of the coming year.

It is predicted that the companies will see real operationalizing AI and a rise in the impact of it this year. Artificial intelligence should also start bringing profits for tech companies.

The goal of AI for 2020 is to be engineered for fairness and trust. This means that developers of artificial intelligence will try to make the technology trustworthy and extremely user-friendly. At this point, AI is starting to impact everyday’s life of people, and it has to be considered a useful improvement. If not, the tech world will take a step back in evolution.

In 2020 we should see a shift of focus when it comes to artificial intelligence, from cloud-only to cloud-edge hybrid strategies. This change will enable better and faster machine learning development.

Another thing that is coming in the AI world is the introduction of its dark side. As with every new technology, people try to use it to their advantage. An example of such behaviour is some facial recognition systems fooled by using 3-D printed facial masks generated with the help of artificial intelligence.

It seems like 2020 could be the break-through year for AI. We should prepare ourselves for yet another tech revolution. The world is about to change forever; let’s take part in this fantastic phenomenon.

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