Why I Use Flixier to Add Any Image to Video

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Why I Use Flixier to Add Any Image to Video

Videos and images go hand-in-hand, and using photos and graphics in video content is an important way to display information and improve the look of your content. There are two ways creators use images in their videos: as overlays and to create image slideshows.

That’s why both video professionals and amateurs use Flixier, the online video editor, to add image to video.

For those who are looking for a quick & easy way to add image to video online, Flixier is a powerful cloud-based online video editor. Here’s how Flixier is the best service to create video from an image online.

Creating an image video slideshow out of your favorite photos is a perfect way to spice up images and create a memorable video to share to friend & family. Businesses can create video from images to publish engaging marketing content on their social media platforms.

For those looking for a way to add images to video as overlays or as a way to show extra information, creators can use Flixier to quickly import their video, overlay images or render a video from images.

Here’s why I use Flixier to create video from images straight from my web browser.

It’s easy to use

The traditional method for adding image to video is to use a premium desktop video editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X. However, these apps are difficult to learn, prone to crashing and you’ll need a powerful computer to keep up with editing your video slideshow and rendering your video.

Flixier is an online video editor that works directly out of your browser. Instead of using your computer hardware, all the heavy lifting for video encoding and preview rendering is handled by Flixier’s powerful cloud servers. Find out video encoding and transcoding differences at Promax.

The service is designed with accessibility in mind, and Flixier have crafted a straightforward and intuitive user interface. No video editing experience is needed to make the most out of Flixier. Simply import your photos, add any accompanying video, drop in some music and you’re good to go!

It’s free

Flixier is free-to-try, with the service offering 10 minutes of render time per month and 720p exports. This free tier does include watermarks, but for personal use (for example, sending slideshows to family), the Free tier is perfectly passable.

Those using Flixier for content creation or for business should consider upgrading to one of the highly affordable paid tiers. It will cost $10 a month to upgrade to the Creator tier and get 300 minutes per month and HD 1080p with no watermarks.

How to add images to video online

To get started adding images to video, head over to Flixier.com and create an account. Once you’ve created an account and signed up for a tier, head on over to editor.flixier.com to launch the web app.

Next, we need to create a new project. Click Create Project and choose an aspect ratio. If you’re uploading to services like YouTube or Facebook Video, 16:9 is a good option. For Snapchat and Instagram stories, try 9:16.

Click Import and drag and drop or select any video or images you’d like to add to the timeline.

The content will now appear in your Personal Library. Drag and drop any media file onto your timeline and click and drag the ends of the clips to adjust their length.

Use the timeline view to re-order your clips and adjust the images and video to how you see fit. If you want an image to be on top of a video as an overlay, click Add Track in the left-hand sidebar.

Drag your image onto this new track and use the preview window to resize the overlay to meet your vision.

Then, once you’re happy with you video, hit Export in the top-right of the window to save your video to your device.

You can export this video to download to your hard drive or even upload directly to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook straight from this Export screen.

And bam! That’s how easy it is to add images to video for free in a matter of minutes.

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