Why Is Data Integration Important in 2023?

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Why Is Data Integration Important in 2023?

In 2023, more than ever, enterprises are relying on digital advertising to reach their customers. This allows them to not only increase sales but also collect huge amounts of data for the subsequent improvement of their products. However, managing data from various sources can be a daunting task. We recommend connecting Facebook Ads to BigQuery and using a reliable data warehouse to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. In this article, we discuss why data integration is crucial in 2023.

A Brief Review of the Problem

Data integration (DI) means creating a unified and consistent view of information obtained from diverse origins. In today’s digital age, data is being generated at an unprecedented rate, so analyzing it is essential. It enables entrepreneurs to make knowledge-driven decisions based on a comprehensive view.

One of the key benefits of data integration is that it allows managers and marketers to understand their clients better. By consolidating details from diverse channels such as social media, email marketing, and Google Analytics, firms can gain insight into their customers’ behaviors and likings. This can help them develop more focused marketing strategies.

DI also provides a comprehensive view of business processes. By analyzing data from various sources such as sales, marketing, and finance, CEOs can understand the effectiveness of their operations. This can enable them to identify improvement areas and optimize their processes for increased productivity.

To successfully integrate info, managers must perform the next actions:

  • Define clear aims and targets;
  • Determine the channels that must be integrated;
  • Select the proper instruments and approaches;
  • Design and implement DI architecture;
  • Establish data quality and governance procedures.


The worth of data integration for businesses in 2023 is immeasurable. It gives a complete view of data, thereby helping business executives make informed decisions, enhance their operations, and adhere to regulations. With the exponentially growing volume of data, companies must integrate their data from various sources to maintain their competitive edge.

Windsor.ai is a marketing attribution software that aims to give advertisers and marketers the power to make data-driven decisions gathered from the different parts of the customer journey.

Users do not just automate the marketing data they are working with, but they can also connect it with each other as well. It can look at customer journeys and point out to users where they get the most return on investment (ROI).

  • Connect all your marketing, CRM, and analytics data from 50+ platforms and stream it to Power BI, Looker Studio and any spreadsheet tool, BI platform, or data warehouse.
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  • See the value and return on every marketing touchpoint.
  • Our marketing attribution software platform provides marketers with a 15-44% increase in marketing ROI.

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