Wikiwand Lets You Read Wikipedia Articles in a Different Look

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Wikiwand Lets You Read Wikipedia Articles in a Different Look

No doubt. Wikipedia is the largest free online resource for knowledge. The site contains millions of articles that can be accessed freely to gain new knowledge. In average, there are about 750 new English articles submitted to Wikipedia within a day and the community of Wikipedia handle about 10 edits per second. That is not included other languages in which Wikipedia is available in 288 languages (you can read more about Wikipedia statistics here).

Of course, there are always pros and cons over site like Wikipedia but, we are not going to talk about it today.

The history of Wikipedia was begun in 2001. Since the initial release until today, Wikipedia has’t changed much in terms of interface. The site still retains its dominant white interface which is looks boring for most people. But, you can’t blame Wikipedia since the focus of the site is to deliver good, insightful contents (articles) instead of user experience.

Fortunately, all articles on Wikipedia are released under the free license, which allows third parties like Wikiwand to fetch Wikipedia articles and optimize them for maximum readability and enjoyment. Wikiwand is an award-winning app that delivers Wikipedia contents in a nicer interface. This app gives you a better experience to read Wikipedia contents.

Wikiwand is available as a web browser extension for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. In addition, the app also available for two major mobile platforms Android and iPhone. The way Wikimand works is basically so simple. It will redirect every page on Wikipedia to Wikiwand. For instance, if you search for “Cristiano Ronaldo” in Google and find a Wikipedia article covering information about the athlete and you want to read it, you will be redirected to Wikiwand instead of Wikipedia once you click the link.

Since Wikiwand is intended to deliver a better user experience on accessing Wikipedia articles, it comes with a better interface than Wikipedia. There is gear icon at the top-right corner which you can use to customize the look of Wikiwand. You will be given two template options, Rich and Minimal. Each of template can be customized again by changing the font and background. You can also set the font size to makes it more comfortable to read.

In Wikipedia you won’t see anything every time you hover your over a certain link. Wikiwand gives you a tiny, handy pop up containing a brief description about the link. Other good thing, Wikiwand collects the supporting images of the article in a gallery. When you click a certain image within an article, a gallery pops up in which you can click the arrow button to see more supporting images. The search feature also looks better.

Furthermore, Wikiwand allows you turn the article you are reading into a PDF as well as bookmark it. If you want to give this app a try, just visit its website at

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