How to Delete an Album on iPhone

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How to Delete an Album on iPhone

iPhone is second to none when it comes to camera quality. To manage the photos you took with your iPhone camera, you have the Photos app. You can create albums to put together the photos with the same theme so that you can find them more easily when you need one. However, creating too many albums is not wise, though, as it can clutter up the Photos app. You can delete unnecessary albums to keep your Photos app neat.

In case you are a new iPhone user, to delete an album on iPhone, first, open the Photos app. Go to the Albums tab and tab See All on the upper-right corner.

Next, tab Edit on the upper-right corner to turn the Photos app to the editing mode.

Specify the album you want to delete and tap the red minus icon to delete the album. Confirm the action by tapping Delete Album on the appearing dialog.

Once done deleting the album, you can tab Done on the upper-right corner.

Deleting an album doesn’t delete the content (photos) inside it. The photos are still around on your iPhone. You can find them on the Recents album. There are two albums you can’t delete: the Recents album and the Favorites album.

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