How a Smart Lock Can Prevent You from Being Locked Out of Your Home

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How a Smart Lock Can Prevent You from Being Locked Out of Your Home

Have one or more of the door locks leading into your home failed to give you quick access when you needed it the most? If you answered yes to this question, then the time has come to get smart.

The time has come to install a smart lock.

You have probably heard about smart homes, you know, the futuristic types of housing that makes The Jetsons seem outdated. From regulating room temperatures to controlling the amount of illumination that comes out of every light fixture, smart home technology is no longer a home feature for the very wealthy. Smart home technology is available at affordable prices, especially when you factor in the cost savings of keeping your home secure with a smart lock.

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Let’s look at the benefits of installing a smart lock, before we delve into how a smart lock can prevent you from being locked out of your home.

Benefits of Installing a Smart Lock

If you have ever experienced the panic of being locked out of your home, then you understand the importance of getting smart with your home security system, including a reliable residential locking device. Losing panic mode is just one benefit of installing a smart lock. Contact a residential or commercial locksmith if you decide to install a smart lock in your property. You might want to find a mobile locksmith ahead of time so that you’ll know who to call if you find yourself locked out.

Convenient Way to Stay Secure

In addition to the peace of mind a smart lock delivers, it also represents the most convenient way to maintain a secure home. When you install a smart lock, the project does not involve installing a feature that is a separate component of your smart home system. A smart lock can connect with the same automated programming system you have established for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple HomeKit Hub.

Seamless Blending with Home Décor

When most people think of a smart lock, they envision a bulky, unsightly home security feature that diminishes the aesthetic appeal of any room inside of their homes. Nothing could be further than the truth, as most smart locks come in a wide variety of designs that seamlessly blend with most interior decors. Although it is true that when smart lock technology first came on the home security scene the home security feature looked awkward, manufacturers of smart locks have come a long way in developing attractive customized designs for the home security feature.

Easy Way for Guests to Return to Your Home

Your home is sometimes a haven for guests to get away from a vacation or a business trip. Instead of explaining how your guests can gain access to your home when you are not there, a smart lock allows your guests to gain entrance to your home, without you having to lift a finger. Moreover, a smart lock gives dog walkers and house cleaners access to your home at any time during the day.

No More Keys under the Welcome Mat

The time has come to erase the uneasy feeling every time you leave a key under the welcome mat for a guest or someone who is providing a service. You also know leaving a copy of the house key in the mailbox is a bad idea. A smart lock only requires a secure password and voila, your guests and professional service providers can gain access to your home. No more sitting at your desk at work and wondering if thieves are walking out the front door with your big screen television.

An End to Home Lockouts

The greatest benefit of installing a smart lock is never having to experience the sinking feeling that arises every time you lock yourself out of your home. Let’s review how a smart lock works, as well as how a smart lock will prevent you from locking yourself out of your humble abode.

How a Smart Lock Works

As a keyless door lock, a smart lock lets homeowners enter their homes without having to use a physically produced key. You control a smart key remotely by using an application downloaded to a Smartphone and/or computer. Most smart lock models include a keypad that allows users to punch a number sequence for gaining access to a home. The password is a unique series of numbers that are not replicated for any other type of smart home system.

Your home’s Wifi network receives the number code, which delivers the command whether to lock or unlock the smart lock. Although some types of smart locks require homeowners to replace the home lock system, recent innovations of smart home technology makes it easier to integrate a smart lock with the current home locking system. Integrating a smart lock into the current home locking system also means a smart lock can integrate with other smart home features, including the entire home security system.

How a Smart Lock Prevents Home Lockouts

According to, how a smart lock can stop you from getting locked out of your home starts by taking control over the front door no matter if you are standing in front of it or you are hundreds of miles away. Your smartphone works flawlessly with a smart lock by giving you access to an application that locks and unlocks your door from anywhere, as well as at any time during the day.

If you have ever stood at the front door digging into your pockets for your keys, then you understand the simplicity and high security reasons why a smart lock prevents home lockouts. All you need is to remember a numeric password that give you immediate access to the smart lock system. Even if you leave your home in a hurry and the door locks behind you, all you have to do to regain access is punch in the numeric key. A key is no longer needed to unlock the front door.

Most smart lock systems send notifications that alert you to unwanted visitors. By unwanted, we mean people that should not be standing at your front door trying to gain access to your home. Smart lock notification systems also let you know when you have inadvertently locked the front door and the notifications can be configured to send you the numeric password needed to open any door to your home.

Installing a smart lock is the most effective way to prevent home lockouts.

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