How to Add Folder Shortcut on Nautilus

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How to Add Folder Shortcut on Nautilus

Nautilus has long been one of the most favorite file managers in Linux. It is also one of the oldest GUI-based file managers for Linux. Nautilus has been around long before newer open source file managers like Caja and Nemo were built.

Sometimes, it takes much time to find certain files in a file manager like Nautilus, in which not good for your productivity. Moreover if you are a sort of person who bad in file management. If you frequently work with the same folder, it would be much better to create a shortcut of it in Nautilus so that you can access that folder in a single click. This way, you don’t have to jump from a certain folder to another one only for a single file. More efficient.

Luckily, Nautilus comes with a bookmark feature. This simple feature allows you to add a folder shortcut to the side panel of Nautilus. Here is how to add a folder shortcut in Nautilus by getting the most of out of bookmark feature.

  • Launch Nautilus like you are used to doing.
  • Go to a folder you want to add a shortcut of it.
  • On the menu bar, select Bookmarks –> Bookmarks this Location. Or simply press the Ctrl+D button.

  • Now you can see a shortcut you have just added on the side panel of Nautilus.

Organizing Nautilus bookmarks

The concept of bookmark of Nautilus is basically not different to bookmark on web browser. It helps you to save an important page (folder in this case) and re-accessing it in an easier way. Furthermore, Nautilus also comes with a bookmark manager to allow you manage the bookmarks have you added. This bookmark manager allows you to do a number of things regarding the bookmark like renaming and removing.

To access the bookmark manager of Nautilus just return to the Bookmarks menu and select Bookmarks. Or simply press the Ctrl+B button.

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