4 Easy Steps to Add Instagram Effects to GIMP

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4 Easy Steps to Add Instagram Effects to GIMP

Instagram is the first media platform to allows its user apply effects to the photo they uploaded. These days, nearly all social media platforms, including Twitter has also adapted the same feature.

There are 40 of total effects offered by Instagram. Sometimes, it’s bit confusing to choose the properest one. But, that’s the fun thing of Instagram, let us be more creative with our photos.

In some cases — if you often work with images with your desktop — you may want to apply Instagram effects to a specific photo of yours. If you are a GIMP user, there’s a plugin package that contains 22 featured effects of Instagram. You can apply the effects on your photos anytime you want.

This example will show you how to add the Instagram effects to GIMP in Ubuntu 16.04.

  • Please download the plugin package here
  • Open your file manager and enable the Show Hidden Files option

show hidden files

  • Copy your downloaded file to the plugin directory of GIMP which is located at “.gimp-2.8/plug-ins/” extract your files here
  • Now, please open an image that you want to edit with GIMP. Go to the Filter menu and scroll down your mouse. You will see a new option called “Instagram”


If you frequently use GIMP to edit photos with the aim get the appropriate tones, you can also save the adjustments you made in presets in order to save you time when you need to edit similar photos to get the same tones.

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