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How To Check Laptop Model in Linux

One of the things everyone do when using a new laptop is usually checking the information regarding the laptop they are using. One of the information you want to know about is probably the model of the laptop. In Linux, you can easily check all of the information regarding a laptop using dmidecode.

Dmicode is not built specifically to display the laptop model. If you run this command without adding any option you will see a complex output, displaying information regarding the hardware of your laptop. Dmicode┬ádisplays a computer’s DMI table contents in a human-readable format. This table contains a description of the system’s hardware component, as well as other useful information including serial numbers and BIOS revision.

Dmicode runs in administrator level so that you need to be root to run this command. Since the output of dmidecode contains complex information, it can take some minutes if you only want to check the laptop model. Thankfully, the tool features a number of parameters you can use to filter the output.

To check the laptop model, you can use the “-s” option followed by┬ácertain string keyword. There are about 22 strings keywords you can use.

To check the laptop model you can type the following command.

$ sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name

Sadly, dmidecodeonly supports one string so you have to repeat the command a couple times to check out more information.

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