5 Online Resources to Find DEBs Packages for Your Debian-Based Linux Distro

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5 Online Resources to Find DEBs Packages for Your Debian-Based Linux Distro

Debian-based Linux distros are great choice for those who just switched from proprietary software (like Windows and Mac OS) to open source. Most Debian-based distros — like Ubuntu and Linuxmint — come with easy-to-use interface just like Windows and Mac OS. Most importantly, they also come with ready-to-use applications.

For example, when you install Ubuntu on your machine you can start working with your documents immediately as the distro has some default apps including LibreOffice, Gimp and Firefox.

If you can’t find the application that match your need, you can always install additional applications from the repository of the distro. If you still not getting, you can search for a DEBs packages on the third party sources.

Below is the list of best online resources to find DEBs packages for your Debian-based Linux distro.

1. OpenSuse Build Service

There are many ways of how gifted open source enthusiasts involving their self in the development of the community. Creating a free tool, for instance. OpenSuse Build Service is one of a great places where gifted open source fans can share their creation. With this software building tool, developers can take their code and package for many different Linux distributions, including Debian-based. In fact, there are many developers who generate their packages into RPMs and DEBs.

2. RPM Seek

Its name contains the word of “RPM”. But, this resource is not only offer RPMs package but also DEBs, too. There is a drop down menu that allows you to filter the result. If you just looking for DEBs package, just choose the DEBs option and start exploring.

3. Getdeb

As you can see on the front page of the site, GetDeb is the unofficial project with the main target to provide the open source and freeware applications for the current release of Ubuntu. Which mean, this project is specifically meant for Ubuntu. However, since Ubuntu is a Debian-based distro, you can also try to get some packages from this site for your other Debian-based distros such as Linuxmint, Elementary OS and Debian it self.

If you want to see the source code of each package from this site, you can also download the tarball of the package.

4. Pkgs.org

Pkgs.org is probably the largest site that provide Linux packages from various distros. The packages offered in this site including, of course, DEBs. You can also search for packages for a specific distros through this site.

5. Launchpad

And finally. Here is Launchpad, one the best sources to find DEB packages. This site is developed and maintained by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. This site allows anyone with a programming skill to get involved to the open source community, Ubuntu in particular.

Though this site is basically meant for Ubuntu users, those other distro users can also get the tarball of each package in order to get the latest version of the packages. Some packages even also available for Windows and Mac.

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