How to Install and Run Cinnamon Desktop in Ubuntu

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How to Install and Run Cinnamon Desktop in Ubuntu

With Ubuntu’s plan to abandon Unity in the next release of version of 18.04 LTS, chances are many Ubuntu users are now trying other desktop environments to replace Unity. Ubuntu will be back to be using GNOME as its default desktop environment starting from version of 18.04 LTS next year.

You might think of why not installing Unity manually to keep using it? Of course you can do it if you don’t want to follow the Ubuntu move to abandon Unity. However, Ubuntu also plan to notĀ invest in developing the desktop environment anymore. So, it’sĀ reasonable enough if most Ubuntu users starting to probe many desktop environments that really match their taste and needs.

If you don’t like the next Ubuntu default desktop environment, GNOME, you might can give Cinnamon a try. Cinnamon is a sleek desktop environment developed by Linux Mint team intended to become the default desktop environment of Linux distribution they develop. Well, Cinnamon is basically built based on the GNOME 3. However, it’s far different to its core. Cinnamon tend to similar to old KDE with the the panel located at the bottom by default.

Install Cinnamon in Ubuntu

If you start interested in Cinnamon and want to try it in your Ubuntu machine, just install it to explore more. Installing Cinnamon desktop in Ubuntu is extremely easy, just like when you are installing regular apps since Ubuntu has added Cinnamon in its repository package list. Just run the command below to install Cinnamon in your Ubuntu machine.

$ sudo apt-get install cinnamon

Cinnamon will take about 79 MB of your storage so be sure you have enough remaining space. Once Cinnamon has successfully installed, logout from your current session and relogin with your account. Don’t forget to select Cinnamon in the Select desktop environment section.

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