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How to Properly Install Hiri in Linux

Hiri is a cross-platform desktop email client app that you can use to manage your existing email accounts. Currently, Hiri only supports Microsoft Exchange. It means you can’t add any other accounts from services such as Gmail and Yahoo.

Hiri is basically a proprietary software but it fairly supports Linux. If — for any reason — you want to try using this email client on your Linux desktop then there is no bad with that.

Unlike Windows and Mac, installing Hiri in Linux is a bit tricky. You need to be familiar with common Linux commands like cd, ls, mv and a lot more. Hiri is basically provides you a brief guide of how to install its application on your Linux desktop. But, the guide only tells you how to execute Hiri from terminal. Plus you have to type the hassle command that can be so impracticable.

To make it simple, follow these steps to properly install Hiri in your Linux desktop. Please note, I use Ubuntu in my machine. However, you should also apply the method I will be describing to other distros.

First and foremost, you need to download the Hiri file. You can get it from Hiri’s download page. Once downloaded, extract the tar.gz file of Hiri immediately and open your terminal for the next steps.

  • Once extracted the tar.gz file of Hiri you will have a new folder called Hiri. Move this folder to /usr/share using cd command.
sudo cd -R /home/cap/Downloads/Hiri /usr/share
  • You need to create an executable shell script and should be put on /usr/bin. The script contains a command to run Hiri from terminal. You can use any text editor to create this sctipr starting from Gedit, Pico, Nano. Anything. But, remember to save it as “hiri”. Here is the lines you should add on this script.
  • Once created and put the “hiri” script in /usr/bin, run the following command to make it executable.
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/hiri
  • Then you need to create a new launcher to make it easy launching Hiri from Unity Dash. To do that, create a new file in /usr/share/applications and save it as “hiri.desktop”. Again, you can use any editor to create this file. Add these lines within the file.
[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Hiri Email Client
Comment=Access and organize your inbox in desktop
Exec=hiri %U

Done. You can now launch Hiri from Unity Dash (or other panel menu depending on your distro)

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  1. Hiri now inculdes a shortcut to create a desktop launcher. So when you first launch it with go to Settings -> General -> Create desktop entry.


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