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How to Install Trello on Linux

It seems no longer need to introduce Trello. Everyone who works with internet on their daily basis already know what is Trello. Among project management tools available today, Trello is one of the most well-known one, if not the best. You can use Trello whether on desktop, smartphone or web. In the desktop environment, Trello is currently only available for Windows and Mac. And there is no sign yet that Trello is going to release desktop app for Linux in the near future.

Thanks to Yuri Vecchi you, the Linux users, are able to use Trello on Linux. The guy developed an unofficial desktop app that is available for major desktop platforms: Windows, macOS and Linux. The guy gave no specific name of his work. He just called it “Trello Desktop”.

Trello Desktop is built with Electron and released under the MIT License. Yes, this app is available as an open source software. The source code and the executable files of this app is available on Yuri Vecchi’s GitHub page.

The interface of Trello Desktop is extremely similar to web version, there is no difference at all. Everything you can do on the web version of Trello can also be done in this app.

Install Trello Desktop on Linux

To install Trello Desktop on Linux you can download the package here. Copy the zip file anywhere you want, but make sure to remember the path to the directory where you copy it. Unzip the package and enter to the unzipped directory. Run the following command to run Trello from terminal.

$ ./Trello

Make sure to run the command above from the directory where Trello is located (from the directory you have just unzipped).

In order to makes it easy every time you want to launch Trello, you can also make a desktop launcher for Trello. Thus, you don’t need to open terminal and typing a row of commands only to launch a single app.

  • Create a file in ~/.local/share/applications directory with the name of trello.desktop
  • Add the following content to the file you have just created.
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Trello Client
Exec=<path to the unzipped Trello folder>/Trello
Icon=<path to the unzipped Trello folder>/resources/app/static/Icon.png

Make sure to tailor the Exec and Icon sections by the changing the paths. By now, you can launch Trello from your favorite launcher. You should also find Trello Desktop on the applications menu of the Linux distribution you use.


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