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6 Best Calendar Apps for Linux

Calendar apps still become the major weapon used by most computer users to show the current date. Well, modern calendar apps should have more functions other than just showing the current date. Reminder is the common feature of modern calendar apps.

Nearly all operating systems, including Linux, have a default calendar app to enable users (at least) see the current date in case they don’t remember. There are cal and ncal to show the current date in terminal. While in GUI, there are more options of calendar app that you can use.

Every Linux distribution has its own default calendar app. If you don’t like the default calendar app of the current distro you are using due to its lack of features, for instance, you can replace it with your preferred one any time you want. And, here is list of calendar apps for Linux you can consider.

1. KOrganizer

KOrganizer is the default calendar app in KDE Plasma desktop environment so if you have been using a KDE Plasma-based distro for a long period chances are you have already familiar with this app. Of course, other desktop environment can install and use it tool but, you’re likely to get the best experience if you are running Plasma. To get the most out of KOrganizer you can integrate it wither other KDE’s apps like Kontact and KMail.

KOrganizer is probably the most feature-rich calendar app in Linux. You can take advantages of this calendar app to set to-do lists, arrange appointments, set the alarm notifications and lots more.

2. Evolution

Evolution is one of the useful apps developed the GNOME community. Some GNOME-based distros use Evolution as their default calendar app. Well, Evolution is basically not a calendar app. It’s primarily a desktop email client like Thunderbird. But, Evolution comes with a built-in calendar app, along with contact management, memo and and task manager. So, you can also take advantages of this app to become your weapon to manage appointments, set a birthday or deadline reminders and so on. Just for your information, Evolution is simpler and lighter than KOrganizer.

3. California

The development of California seems like is discontinued but, it still works very well and could be your best option if you are looking for a very simple calendar app instead of complex ones like KOrganizer or Evolution. The app is also developed by a community under GNOME. Though it’s pretty simple but it is capable to helps you manage your agendas and comes with desktop notifications too.

4. GNOME Calendar

Another calendar app developed by folks at GNOME. GNOME Calendar is quite similar to California in terms of interface. It also comes with a simple interface but the features are helpful enough. GNOME Calendar allows you to add events with ease. Or you can also import your existing calendar from your local machine or online services like Google, Facebook and Flickr.

5. Lightning for Thunderbird

Thunderbird is known as a desktop email client app. To get the most out of it you can install additional add-ons to enrich its functionality. Lightning is one of the useful add-ons you can install on your Thunderbird. Lightning is calendar add-on for Thunderbird (and also SeaMonkey) that feature-rich enough. But before being able to see the calendar you need to create it first. During the creation of your calendar you can choose whether want to put your calendar offline or online. The online option gives you three format options, ICS, CalDAV and WCAP.

To make it more flexible you can also connect your Lightning calendar with Google Calendar so you can access it from anywhere. Furthermore, Lightning also integrates with your desktop notifications.

6. MineTime

MineTime is not specifically developed for Linux. It’s a kind of cross-platform calendar app that can run on Mac, Windows and, yeah, Linux. This calendar app comes with a very sleek interface. You can use this app for accessing your existing calendars on Outlook, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Soon, it will also support for iCloud and other CalDAV accounts. MineTime is probably the best option if you are looking for a modern calendar app with rich online integrations.

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