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7 Best Download Manager Tools for Linux

Downloading a file is a common thing done by many internet users around the world. It’s not a hard task, of course. However, when it come to larger file, it will be a different story.

Downloading a file with larger size can be daunting task especially when you work with slow internet connection. Thankfully, there are some download manager tools that can help you fixing the problem. You can do a lot of things over the file you are downloading like pause the download progress, see the detail source etc.

Internet Download Manager is well-known tool to manage the downloading progress. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Windows users. If you are a Linux user, don’t worry. There are some alternatives that you can use. Here the list.

1. Aria2c


Aria2c is a simple CLI based tool to help you manage your download progress. Since it’s a CLI based, you have to understand the URL of the file you want to download. It’s easy to use. All you need to do is typing the aria2c command followed by the URL of the file.

If you want to cancel/pause the download progress, you can press CTRL+C button. Aria2c will automatically continue the download progress when you type the same URL. Aria2c can handle HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, and SFTP, as well as the BitTorrent protocol and Metalink.

2. Axel


This tool is similar to Aria2c. It can handle HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, and SFTP. Axel is also easy to use. All you can do is typing the Axel command on the terminal and adding the URL of a file you want to download. You can also use the CTRL+C button to cancel/pause the download progress and Axel will continue the download progress everytone you type the same URL.

3. uGet


If you prefer to GUI based tool, you can consider uGet as your download manager. This tool offers a number of features that can ease your work. You can use this tool to perform a batch downloads. uGet support for multiple download protocols like FTP, HTTP/HTTPS, Metalink and even BitTorrent.

uGet is basically a cross platform tool. It’s not only available for Linux but also other closed platfrom including Windows and Mac. It’s even also available for mobile device like Android.

4. pyLoad


pyLoad is a Python based download manager. Be sure you have at least Python 2.5 installed on your system before using this tool. pyLoad is also able to handle most download protocol like FTP, HTTP/HTTPS. The best part of this tool is that it’s not only can run on your desktop. You can also use this tool on your server or Linux-based NAS.

5. Kget


If you use KDE based Linux distro, Kget will be a great download manager to install. Some KDE based distros even have included the tool on their default apps. This tool is also runs well on other desktop environments like Gnome and Unity. Since it is designed for KDE, you will get Qt style interface.

You can also do a lot of things with this download manager including stop the download progress etc. It also supports for standard protocol like HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. Unfortunately, (so far) it’s can’t be used to download a torrent file.

6. XDM


According to its brief description XDM has the capability to download with a super speed up to 500%. XDM is a cross platform download manager tool. Aside of Linux, the tool also available for Windows and Mac. It’s written in Java. Like other download managers, XDM also support several standard protocols including HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.

7. Flareget


Flareget is actually a closed and paid cross platform download manager. However, you can also use its free version. This tool works well on all platform including Windows, Mac and of course, Linux. This tool supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols and available in 18 different languages.

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