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5 Best Educational Games for Linux

Linux has no good enough reputation when it comes to game. In Linux you can’t play popular games like FIFA, PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) to Metal Gear Solid. However, it doesn’t mean that Linux has no game at all, especially when it’s narrowed to educational games.

As a parent you might want to teach your kids to not depend on proprietary software as it can limits their freedom. And you can start your teaching program from educational games. Be grateful because you have some options of games in Linux that you can choose depend on what subject you want your kids learn to.

Below are the top 5 educational games for Linux which you can install on your kid’s computer to let them learn while have some fun.

1. GCompris

If you are looking for an educational software suite for your 2 to 10 years old kids you can stop to this one. This is not a single game. GCompris is an application suite consists of some fun games like chess, sudoku, oware and lots more. Besides game, the app also consists of some subjects like geography, science, computer and lots more. All are designed for kids. GCompris is not a Linux-only app. It is also available in other platforms such as Windows, Mac and even Android.

2. Childsplay

Childsplay is a bit similar to GCompris which consists of multiple games instead of one. Each game has a specific purpose to stimulate your kids growth. Some examples of games in the Childsplay package include Puzzle, Find Sound, Find Characters, Falling Letters and lots more. If you interested to this game you can refer to its SourceForge page to download the installer package. Some Linux distributions — including Ubuntu — have added Childsplay to their software repository so you can install the app directly using installer tool offered by the distro you use.

 3. TuxMath

Most students consider math as a difficult subject. You can change the perception by acquainting your kids to a fun way to fix math tallies. Your kids will be brought to the space with an aim to shoot the meteors which is represented by numbers. Your kids will be asked for some simple tallies to start shooting. Most Linux distros have also added this game to their software repository.

4. Tux Typing

Same as TuxMath but for letters. Tux Typing is a fun game to teach your kids on how to type on the QWERTY keyboard. This game comes with two different games for practicing your kid’s typing, and having a great time doing it. Unlike TuxMath, Tux Typing gives your kids opportunity to select location whether they want to play in space, mountains to lake.

5. Omnitux

Omnitux is a bit similar to Childsplay and GCompris where your kids can play some games in a single app. Some games that are available on the Omnitux package include puzzles, card faces to remember and more fun games that your kids will love to. Not all Linux distributions add this game on their software repository. If your distro haven’t added this game on its software repository you can download the file installer by yourself on SourfeForge.

The verdict

Giving education is an obligation of all parents and education is not always be too serious and clumsy, especially for a toddler. You can give your kids educational toys to let them learn while playing. In addition to giving kids educational toys, you can also install educational games on computer. If you are a Linux user, you can try 5 of the educational games above and figure which game is suited for your kids.

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