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12 Best Markdown Editors for Linux

Though Markdown is basically has a simpler syntax than HTML, it’s much easier to write a Markdown document using an editor that was built specifically for writing Markdown than regular text editor you usually use to write plain texts.

Just like Windows and Mac, Linux also has many options in terms of Markdown editor and you can choose the one that suit you most.

Most Markdown editors come with the same characteristics. They mostly offers a focus mode to enable you focus on a specific paragraph during writing. Some Markdown editors also come with a two-panel interface, one for writing your text and one for previewing your current work.

Though Linux is well-known for its abundant free apps, it doesn’t mean that all Linux apps are free (of charge) to use. There are also several paid Markdown editor apps in case you want it. The list below will show you the best Markdown editor apps for Linux, starting from free to paid ones.

1. Remarkable

On the first list we have Remarkable. By default, you will see two panels on your working window. The left panel is used to write your text while the right one will show you the live preview of the document you are writing. But, if you more comfortable writing in a single panel, you can disable the right panel so you can focus on your document. If it’s not enough, you can also switch to the full screen mode to keep you away from distraction.

You can also insert some elements to your documents with ease like image, link to Timestamp as there is a menu to do this. Remarkable itself isn’t built specifically for Linux. The Windows version of this app is also available. Mac? No, sorry!

2. Typora

If you are a fan of apps with simple interface, chances are you will fall in love with Typora easily. After launching this app you will see nothing on your screen but a simple working window with a gray background. Its simple interface helps you to focus on your documents. The presence of focus mode makes you even be more focused.

Same as Remarkable, Typora isn’t also built specifically for Linux. The Windows and Mac version of this is also available. You can use this app for free since it’s currently still in beta phase. There is a menu to enable you exporting your Markdown document into other formats like HTML, PDF, Doc, RTF and lots more.

3. Haroopad

Same as two Markdown editors above, Haroopad isn’t available exclusively for Linux. Instead, Windows and Mac users can also use this app. Haroopad is free, easy-to-use Markdown editor which comes with a two-panel interface. It doesn’t offer too much menu but standard menus of a Markdown editor are available. The Haroopad team is currently working on more features to enable you to directly publish your blog posts directly from this app.

4. Caret

Caret has one thing in common to three editors above. This app is a multi-platform app. Apart from Linux, Caret is also available in Mac and Windows. The only different, you have to pay for $25 to use it. But, if you just want to try it, demo version is available. Caret has many features you will love to. It has 4 modes from dark mode, focus mode, typewriter mode to preview mode. Other features include auto-completion, syntax assistance and dialects support.

5. Mark My Words

Mark My Words is a simple Markdown editor for Linux that is available for free. You can also take advantage of this app to ease your job in writing Markdown documents. Though it has a very simple interface, you can do lots of things with this app. Including exporting your Markdown documents into other formats like HTML and PDF. Inserting images into your document is also easy using Mark My Words.

6. ReText

ReText is a simple Markdown editor written in Python. If you want to give this app a try you need to ensure you have Python 3.5 (or higher) installed on your computer. ReText is built specifically for Linux. At least at the time of writing no other platform is supported. ReText comes with a tabbed interface to allow you creating multiple Markdown documents at the same time.

ReText comes with a dual panel by default. There is an option that allows you switching to a single panel if you more comfortable working with a single panel instead of two. This Markdown has a fewer feature. No code syntax highlighting is available.

7. GitBook Editor

If you are looking for a Markdown editor that can be used for working collaboratively then GitBook Editor can be one of the options. The free version of this app allows you to work with up to 5 persons in a team. GitBook Editor also comes with a double-panel interface to let you instantly preview the look of your formatted Markdown document. There are several formatting tools at the top bar of this editor which you can use to add some formatting over your document. GitBook Editor is another multi-platform Markdown editor. Apart from Linux, this editor is also available for Windows and Mac.

8. Abricotine

As you can see on the welcome page of its official site, Abricotine is an open source Markdown editor built for desktop. And Linux is one of the desktop platforms that is supported by this editor, other than Windows and Mac. Abricotine comes with a single panel instead of two so you can truly focus on the document you are writing. This Markdown editor has a very simple interface. Though has not much features but Abricotine is great enough for handling Markdown documents.

9. ghostwriter

Ghostwriter is a good choice for creative writers who work with Linux (and Windows). The whole features of this Markdown editor are not too different to other editors which mostly come with a focus mode. But, there is a unique feature that not all similar apps have. The feature is Hemingway Mode.

With Hemingway Mode enabled, you can force yourself to keep writing no matter what. Doesn’t care if you have some typos. You can perform the editing process later and keep typing. The Hemingway Mode will disable backspace and delete keys. Ghostwriter is a fully free Markdown editor and released as an open source software.

10. LightMd Editor

As the name suggests, LightMd Editor is a lightweight Markdown editor. This is probably the lightest Markdown editor in this list. As the consequences, you won’t get a number of crucial features. You can’t even preview the Markdown documents you have written since this editor has no live preview feature.

Fortunately, there are a number of formatting tools available at the left side of the working window so you don’t have to remember every single syntax of Markdown to format certain parts of the document you are working. The tabbed interface allows you to handle multiple documents at the same time.

11. EME

Another multi-platform editor with a Linux support. EME — which stands for Elegant Markdown Editor — comes with a, yeah, elegant enough interface. The editor adopts the minimalist design with sleek enough to look, making you comfort to work with it. This editor comes with a dual-panel interface and can be switched into a single panel. Not has much features but worth enough to try.

12. PileMd

Last but not least. PileMd is another cross-platform Markdown editor app which you can use for free. Linux is one of the platforms that is supported by this editor. This editor comes with a single panel mode with additional useful sidebar to ease you finding the existing Markdown documents in your machine. This Markdown editor has Undo/Redo histories, Completion of lists and also Opening links in editors. PileMd is based on philosophy of task management tools. So you can manage your notes you want.

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  1. Perhaps you could consider MindForger – it is more than just Markdown editor, it is Markdown IDE.


    With MindForger you can edit multiple documents, perform refactoring/cloning/extraction of sections, use document/section templates and more.

    * Single or dual pane interface
    * Extra Markdown features: diagrams, GitHub flavor, source code syntax highlighting
    * Markdown editor syntax highlighting
    * Code Syntax Highlighting
    * Math blocks Tex/LaTex support
    * Customizable themes


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