How to Perform Google Search in Linux Terminal

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How to Perform Google Search in Linux Terminal

Did you ever imagined how many keywords typed on the Google Search by internet users from around the world?. It can be millions or billions. Only Google knows this.

However, it’s really easy to guess from where they perform a google search. I bet that most users perform a google search from the Google official search form, whether it’s on or Android widget.

If you are a Linux user and want to try a different taste of performing a google search, you can perform a google search from terminal? How to do that?.

There’s an utility called Googler to enable you do this. This utility is similar to Lynx which is fully text based. Not only gives you the ability to search for a specific keyword, Googler is also can be used to perform a Goolge News Search.


Of course, the first thing you have to do before get started with Googler is by installing it. There are two common ways to install the utility: installing from source code and installation package. Googler is written in Python. Be sure you have at least Python 3.3 installed on your system.

Installing from source code:

cd /tmp
git clone
cd googler
sudo make install
cd auto-completion/bash
sudo cp googler-completion.bash /etc/bash_completion.d/

Installing from installation package

This example will show you how to install Googler from installation package on Ubuntu 16.04. You can download the package here.

sudo dpkg -i googler_2.7-1_all.deb


Once Googler is installed, you can start perform a google search from terminal. For instance, if you want to search any information with the keyword “Brad Delson”, just type the following command.

googler Brad Delson


You can use “n” and “p” to navigate to the next page and previous page of the Google Search result.

Or, you may want to search for a latest news of a thing that you really care about. Just hit the following command (replace “manchester united” with your desired news).

googler -N manchester united


To get more option of Googler, you can type the following command on the terminal.

googler --help


To exit from Gogler, just press the ctrl+c button.

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