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How to Record Your Linux Desktop Screen

In Windows and Mac, there is an application called Camtasia Studio. And we know the use of the application. Camtasia Studio is a famous application to enable you recording your desktop screen. In many cases, the app is used for creating a video based tutorial. Camtasia Studio is a proprietary software which mean we have to pay it first before start installing and using

Since it is only available for Windows and Mac users, people with a Linux based laptop/desktop have to look for another alternative when they want to record their screen

In Linux, we have dozens alternatives to meet our need. If you want to record your Linux desktop screen, you can trust SimpleScreenRecorder. This app is easy to use. You can record your screen activities and add some comments if needed. Below are the steps to use SimpleScreenRecorder


This article will show you how to install SimpleScreenRecorder in Ubuntu 16.04. If you are not an Ubuntu user you can get the installation file here

By default SimpleScreenRecorder is not included in the Ubuntu repository. You can get the app in the Launchpad. Open your terminal and type the following command

$sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maarten-baert/simplescreenrecorder
$sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install simplescreenrecorder



Once SimpleScreenRecorder is installed, you can start using it immediately. SimpleSCreenRecorder is extremely easy to to use. Once it is opened you will immediately understand what you have to do

  • Open SimpleScreenRecorder from your Unity Dash on Ubuntu. Click the Continue button on the first window and you will get the following interface


  • Click the Continue button again to get the following interface.


  • In the window above you can set some parameters including the name of your file and location of directory. Click the Continue button once you done to get the following interface.


  • On the new window above, click the Start recording button on the top to start recording. Once you done with your recording process, click the Save recording button
  • Now, please go to the directory where you store your work and have fun with it

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