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How to Resize Multiple Images in Linux With a Single Step

Linux is not that bad to work with images. There are the number of tools and commands in Linux to allow you work with images. In some cases you may want to resize several images for a specific purpose. To create a gallery, for instance.

In Linux, you can resize more than one images with only a single step. You can do it easily from the terminal using “mogrify” command.


Mogrify it self is a part of an image editing tool called ImageMagick, so before be able to use the command you should have ImageMagick installed in your system

This article will show you how to resize multiple images in Ubuntu 16.04. By default, ImageMagick has installed on Ubuntu 16.04. If you use other distro you can get the ImageMagick installation file here

  • Gather your images that you want to resize. Use “cd” command to move to the direcroty where your images iare located. In this example I gather my images on a directory called “beach” which is located under the “Pictures” direcory
$cd Pictures/beach/
  • Run the following command to resizes your images in a single step. 640×480 is the resolution of your edited images. You can set this with your own number
$mogrify -resize 640×480 *.jpg


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