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How to Use Lightroom in Linux

Being one of the most popular photo retouching tool, many people want to use Lightroom. Linux users are no exception. Unfortunately, Adobe doesn’t offer a native Linux app for Lightroom. If you are a Linux user and really want to use Lightroom to edit your photos, you can use the web version of Lightroom.

In case you haven’t known, Adobe offers a web version for Lightroom, allowing you to use it via web browser regardless of the operating system you use. You can visit this page to use the web version of Lightroom. You need an Adobe account before being able to use Lightroom web. Also, you need to subscribe to the Photography plan (or Lightroom plan) on the Adobe Creative Cloud. One thing to note. The web version of Lightroom is not available for Lightroom Classic (read the differences between Lightroom and Lightroom Classic).

Just like the desktop version, you can also use Lightroom web to edit either RAW or JPEG files. To access your cloud files, you can go to My photos.

To add new photos from your local storage, you can click the plus icon and click the select them link on the appearing dialog. Your files will be added to Adobe cloud and you can access them from anywhere using Lightroom installed on different devices.

To start editing a photo, you can go to My photos and select a photo you want to edit (by clicking it). Click the Edit this photo button on the top-left corner to open the editing tools.

To make the adjustments to your photo, you can open the ADJUST tab on the right panel. You adjust the exposure, contrast, shadows, white, saturation, and so on.

To use a preset, you can open the PRESETS tab. Lightroom offers several presets you can choose from. On the bottom side under the PRESETS tab, you can use your own preset you have installed.

To crop your photo or set the angle, you can go to the CROP tab. Once done editing your photo, click Save & Exit on the top-left corner to return to the preview mode. To download your photo, you can click download icon on the right panel. Lightroom allows you to download the edited photo in a JPG format or original format. To share the photo online, you can click the upload icon. You can click the close button to return to the main Lightroom web screen.

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  1. Lightroom for the web and Lightroom Classic (traditional Lightroom running on a computer) are so different they shouldn’t have the same name. When someone wants to run Lightroom in Linux they mean Lightroom Classic.


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