How to Use Transmission to Download ISO Files via Torrents

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How to Use Transmission to Download ISO Files via Torrents

Transmission is one of the most popular torrent client apps for Linux. Actually, Transmission is also available for other platforms including Windows and macOS. Transmission is a great tool to download large files via torrent files, including ISO. Downloading an ISO file via torrent is far faster than direct download as torrent uses peer-to-peer concept.

The main prerequisite that should be fulfilled before downloading an ISO file via torrent is that the ISO file you want download have to provide a torrent file. Torrent file is different to file you want to download. It doesn’t contain the contains to be distributed. It’s just a intermediary that makes it possible your computer and the server where the file you want to download is located (ISO file in this case) to communicate.

A torrent file contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed. Some information contained on the metadata include file names, sizes, folder structure, and cryptographic hash values for verifying file integrity. Normally, a torrent file has a .torrent extension.

While ISO (or also often called ISO image), the file you want to download, is an archive file of an optical disc. It is a single file that is a perfect representation of an entire CD or DVD. The best way to describe ISO file is by taking an analogy. Think of an ISO file like a box of a kid’s toy that requires assembly. The box that the toy pieces come in does you no good as an actual toy but the contents inside of it, once taken out and put together, become what you’re actually wanting to use.

The concept of ISO is often adopted by developer of Linux distribution to provide an ISO image that can be burned into a CD/DVD to create a bootable CD/DVD. You will also need an ISO file to create a live USB.

If you often download an ISO file and usually download it via direct link, you better start using torrent file. If you haven’t used Transmission before, here is how to use it.

  • First and foremost, ensure that the ISO file you want to download provide a torrent file. Then, download that torrent file.
  • Assuming that you have installed Transmission on your computer, open it and click the open button.

That’s all. Have a coffee and wait until the download process is done. The better internet quality you have, the faster you will have your file. You can also pause the running download process. Torrent is capable of handling multiple torrent files. Just repeat the step above to add other downloads.

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