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Xfce is probably not the best desktop environment in the Linux world but it’s very popular when it comes to lightweight desktop environment. Just like other desktop environments, you can also change the default look of Xfce to meet your taste. Xfce-look.org is the best source if you are looking for beautiful Xfce themes.

In Xfce you can change and install window manager and the panel independently. You can also change the icon set without changing other parts.

If you notice further at the look of Xfce, you will see it is very similar to the old classic GNOME. As mentioned, Xfce-look.org is the best resource of Xfce themes. Every time you want to get a new look of your Xfce desktop just visit the site and discover the best ones. If you don’t have too much time to do it, here are the top 9 themes you can pick.

1. Tango

Let’s start with this one. If you are looking to change the window manager of your current Xfce theme, you probably want to try Tango. If you are a former Windows 8 user and want to recall that time when you used to use it, Tango is the best option. It’s a colorful window manager, available in 9 different colors.

2. Numix Holo

Have you heard about Numix? A popular Android and GTK theme with a basic color of orange. You can get the fork of theme for Xfce from Numix Holo. Instead of orange, the Numix Holo comes in blue as the basic color. The Numix Holo theme consists of GTK theme, window manager and notification style. Just for your information, Numix Holo is focused only on Xfce. It does not contain a Unity, Metacity or Openbox theme.

3. Rele

For some reasons there are some people who love using dark theme instead of bright. If you are a member of that kind of person then you need to give Rele a try. Created by a creative Brazilian, Renato Santos, Rele uses the darker colors in a really nice way and everything is really easy to read.

4. Win8-FirstTry

Sometimes, it’s hard to leave all of the memories we have created in the past. For ex Windows 8 users who have just migrated to Linux — and put their choice to Xfce-based distro — you don’t need to leave all of your memories with your Windows 8. Every time you want to recall all of that memories you can try installing Win8-FirstTry and apply it to your Xfce desktop.

5. XFWM KDE4.8 Oxygen

In the world of Linux, Oxygen is known as a beautiful theme. That’s why this theme become so popular and nearly all Linux users know about it. What makes Oxygen theme looks cute is its turquoise folder and cute icon sets. If you are a fan of Oxygen theme and want to apply it in your Xfce desktop then you can try XFWM KDE4.8 Oxygen, a theme created by a creative Russian, Ruslan Kabatsayev.

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