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Folx is a Great Download Manager for Mac

If you want to download a large file or multiple files at once, you need a download manager app. Typically, a download manager app comes with a feature that allows you to pause the downloads and resume them, even after you restarted your computer. This feature is especially crucial when you are downloading a large file that takes minutes or even hours as you can continue the download anytime you want. A download manager app also comes with several other features such as speed control, downloads management, and so on.

macOS, the operating system of Mac devices, has no default download manager app. If you need an app to manage the downloads on your Mac, one of the apps you can use is Folx.

What is Folx?

Folx is a download manager app designed exclusively for Mac. It is the app you need if you often download large files such as video, RAW files, or apps. You can even use Folx as a torrent client — which can be a great uTorrent alternative for Catalina and other macOS versions — if you often download large files via torrent files.

You might think, don’t Safari and Google Chrome have a default download manager? Yes, they do. However, the default download manager of a web browser, including Safari’s and Google Chrome’s, doesn’t really play a role as a download manager. It only allows you to pause the running download when the web browser is running as well. When you exit the browser, the download will be canceled and you need to start the download process from the beginning. That is why you need a dedicated download manager app to download a large file.

Features offered by Folx

Here are some key features offered by Folx.

Tagging system

When downloading a file using Folx, you can assign a tag to the file you want to download. The tagging system is designed to make it easy for you to find the files you have downloaded. You can simply click on a tag the Tags panel — which lies on the right side of the app — to find a file based on the tag. You can, for instance, assign video downloads to the “video” tag. This way, every time you want to find a video you have downloaded, you can simply click the “video” tag.

Each download can have multiple tags. Folx itself offers 6 default tags you can choose from.

Torrent client

As mentioned earlier, you can also use Folx as a torrent client. Torrent, as you have known, is a perfect internet protocol for transferring large files as it uses a peer-to-peer concept. To download a file using this protocol, you need a torrent client and Folx is one of the torrent clients you can use if you are a Mac user. Folx even comes with a torrent finder. With this feature, you don’t need to open multiple torrent trackers in a web browser to find what you need.

Speed control

Another great feature offered by Folx is the ability to control the download speed. If you can’t wait for the download to get done, you can raise the speed by clicking the speedometer on the bottom-left corner on the app. There are lots of speed options offered by Folx, including unlimited speed.

Just be wise when setting the download speed especially if you run some apps that require an internet connection as Folx might interferences bandwidth used by other apps. You can set the download speed to auto to allow Folx to control the bandwidth automatically.

To make the download process even faster, you can also split the download in multiple threads (up to 20 threads).


When pasting a file URL to be downloaded, you can choose whether to download the file right away or make a schedule to download the file at a certain time.

With this feature, you can set the time to start the download. You can even set how Folx behave once the download completed. Whether you want to shut down your Mac, switch your Mac to the sleeping mode, or quit the Folx app.

Remember login and password

This feature is pretty handy if you often download files from sites that require login. You can prompt Folx to save the login and password. This way, next time you want to download files from the same sites, you don’t need to re-enter the username and password.

In addition to the key features above, Folx also comes with several other useful features such as video downloader to download videos from YouTube, music integration that automatically send downloaded music and videos to Apple Music.

The Cons of Folx

Above the handy features offered by Folx to help you download your files, there is one thing you need to know. Folx is a freemium app. To use all of the features we have covered above, you need to buy the paid version, which costs $19.95 for a single Mac device. Not too expensive, but not all users want to spend such amount.

Some features that are not available on the free version of Folx are:

  • Scheduling
  • The ability to split a download into 20 threads (free version is limited to 2 threads)
  • Speed control
  • Video downloader
  • Remember username and password
  • Torrent search

The verdict

Overall — as a download manager app –, Folx is great enough. It comes with a tagging system to make your downloaded files be way more organized, the ability to set the download speed and split the download into multiple threads to make the files get downloaded faster, and several other features we have covered above. Although not all of the features are available on the free version, you can at least use the free version as a real download manager whereby you can pause the downloads and resume them anytime you want. You can also make use of the tagging system to make it easy for you to find a downloaded file anytime you need it.

Besides, the paid version of Folx is actually is not too expensive. Plus, Folx has a “very Mac” interface, which is extremely easy to use.

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