How Long Should a MacBook Air Last?

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How Long Should a MacBook Air Last?

Those laptops that we bought 3-5 years ago cannot be compared with those that we buy now. They can already be considered ancient. They did not offer advanced functionality, modern features, power, and a large amount of memory. While today’s laptops offer superior features, their lifespan is a concern for many buyers.

Some users are not confined to their devices. They are willing to buy something new every year that offers more advanced features. However, some buy laptops, counting on the fact that they will serve them for a long time.

Among many ordinary users and technical specialists, the MacBook Air is a bestseller today. Only a few other laptop manufacturers can match their performance and power.

Despite their superiority in many ways, the MacBook Air won’t serve you for the rest of your days. Thus, many users are wondering how long does MacBook Air last.

Everything depends on a variety of circumstances, so each specific laptop will last less or even more than the average life. In this regard, we want to tell you what conditions you need to consider to get an answer to your question: how long will my MacBook Air last?

The Average Lifespan of a MacBook Air

For the next five to seven years, you can sleep well if you just bought a brand-new laptop. Numerous experts claim that your device will perform its work properly for these many years. If you’ve ever owned one of Apple’s many gadgets before, then you know this firsthand.

However, you can’t expect your laptop’s specifications to be up-to-date in just a few years. Now the latest technologies appear at the speed of light. A few years after buying a gadget, you may find that it will not keep up with a new software update or there will not be enough RAM to complete your tasks. Therefore, on average, many users after five to seven years prefer to upgrade their device to a newer model.

In addition, a lot depends on what needs you will use your laptop for. Depending on whether you are doing light tasks or heavy ones, the life expectancy of your MacBook Air can be longer or shorter.

How Does the Type of Use Affect MacBook Air’s Life Expectancy?

Many users want a precise answer to the question: how long is a MacBook Air supposed to last? However, it is impossible to predict with accuracy in each specific case. If you want to know this, then you should think about what tasks you are going to perform on your laptop.

In this regard, we can distinguish two types of use:


Although many people buy an Apple device for professional activities, especially those related to programming or web design, many people buy a laptop for everyday use. We’re talking about watching TV series, creating documents, and using a browser to surf the web. In such a case, you can expect your device to serve you for a long time since you will not overload it. You should only ensure that the components of your laptop do not wear out and then you can be calm;


A huge number of technical professionals prefer this laptop, because it, unlike many others, perfectly copes with intensive tasks. Specialists can work with demanding programs and not encounter any problems. However, such programs can overload your processor. Thus, creatives working with all sorts of editors or graphics tools may expect their devices to last less. The average lifespan of MacBook Air, if you use demanding programs, will be less than five years.

How Long is a MacBook Air Supposed to Last If It is Serviced in a Timely Manner?

Every driver is well aware that if the car is serviced promptly, it will last for many years. Timely maintenance implies that each driver will monitor the wear of components and replace them regularly.

The same goes for your laptop. Even though it is thin, there are a large number of various important components inside. They can wear out and break. If you want to increase the life of your gadget, you should monitor it and replace components promptly. If necessary, you can easily find the required component on at a reasonable price. In this case, you can expect your gadget to last you a few more years, depending on your type of use.

Reasons to Replace Your MacBook Air

No matter how sad it may sound, no manufacturer wants you to use your model for many years. You will simply deprive them of their profits. Many fans of Apple gadgets change their devices to newer ones every year. However, not every problem with your device may signal that you need a replacement. In many cases, you can simply update the components or reformat the system and your laptop will be alive again.

However, certain signals may indicate that replacing the device is the only way out. Here are the signals you should look out for:

Unable to Update OS

The biggest reason to update your operating system is to keep your device secure. Every time the developers do their best to make your laptop invulnerable to malware, viruses, and much more.

The older your laptop, the more likely it is that you won’t be able to make an upgrade. In this case, your device will become more vulnerable to attacks. You will not be able to update models that were produced before 2012 to the newest OS version.

However, not only can there be flaws in your system, but you may also find that programs and applications stop working properly. If you use a laptop for work and use advanced software, then this can be a disaster for you. In this case, you should make a replacement.

Program Slowdown

After about five years of use, you may find that programs start to run slower. Such a problem is not always a signal for replacement. First of all, you should reformat your device. Thanks to this, you will be able to notice some improvements.

However, if after a while the problem comes back, it is unlikely that any magic trick will be able to revive your gadget. You can install as many cleaning programs as you want that will optimize speed, but this will only be a temporary solution. You will have to accept that your laptop can no longer handle the tasks and replace it.

Battery Exhaustion

This problem is the most common among laptop users. The once autonomous device stops working from charging and this causes many problems. Your device simply ceases to be portable, because you need a power outlet nearby.

If you do not want to lose your trusty device and replace it with a new one, then you should try to replace the battery. However, replacing the battery can be expensive and complicated depending on your model. If this is your case, then you should buy a newer model.


When buying a MacBook Air, you can be sure that your device will serve you for five or even seven years. However, a lot depends on what tasks you will use it for. The more intensive tasks you perform, the less your gadget will serve you. You should never forget that proper component maintenance will allow you to enjoy your laptop much longer. However, over time, you may see some warning signs. Some of them may be a reason to replace your model with a newer one. All in all, you will enjoy your purchase for years to come.

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