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How to Change Scroll Direction on Mac

If you have just switched from Windows or Linux to Mac, there are some adaptations you need to make on the early state. One of which is regarding mouse scroll. If you use a mouse from a third-party vendor — say Logitech, the scroll direction will be the opposite when you scroll the wheel. For instance, when you perform a scroll up, the scroll direction will be downward, and vice versa. Don’t get panic. This is not an error, or your mouse is not compatible with Mac. It is just the matter of default setting on Mac.

You can change the default mouse setting on your Mac via System Preferences. First, launch System Preferences by clicking the Apple icon on the left-most of the menu bar and select System Preferences.

On the System Preferences window, click the mouse icon to access the mouse settings.

Uncheck the Scroll direction: Natural option. This will make your Mac have the same scroll direction as Windows and Linux.

As you can see, there are several other settings you can make here, including the tracking speed, scrolling speed and so on.

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