How to Record Screen on Mac (without Third-Party App)

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How to Record Screen on Mac (without Third-Party App)

Mac comes with some useful built-in apps to do some basic tasks, including screen recording. If you are new to Mac, this article will show you how to record your screen using the built-in app of Mac.

Mac comes with a built-in app called QuickTime Player. The main use of this app is to play multimedia files — much like Windows Media Player on Windows. But you can also use it to record your screen. You can record whether the entire screen of selected screen area of your choice. The recorded video will be saved in a MOV format.

How to Record Screen on Mac Using QuickTime Player

First off, launch the QuickTime Player app. To do so, click Launchpad on the Dock. You can find QuickTime Player on the Other group.

Once QuickTime Player opens, click the File menu on the menu bar and select New Screen Recording.

Before start recording, you can click the Options menu to make some settings such as storage location of the recorded screen, disable/enable microphone, disable/enable mouse click, and so on.

Next, you can select the area you want to record and click the Record button to start recording. To cancel the operation, you can simply click the esc key on your keyboard.

When the screen recording is running, you will see a stop icon on the icon bar area. Simply click this icon to stop the recording.

You can find the recorded screen according to the location you set above.

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