5 of the Best To-do List Apps for Mac

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5 of the Best To-do List Apps for Mac

There are a bunch of productivity hacks you can adopt to help you accomplish more. One of the most-adopted hacks is by creating the list of the tasks you have to get done today. If you use Mac, there are plenty of to-do list apps you can install and use, but choosing which is the best suited app can be a waste of time so I have shortlisted the options for you.

All of the apps I am going to mention below are cloud-based. Which means, in addition to Mac, you can also access your tasks across-device thanks to the sync feature.

Following is the list of to-do list apps you can install on your Mac.

1. TickTick for Mac

TickTick is one of the recommended to-do list apps which you can install on Mac. We have reviewed the tool in this post so you can read it if you curious how great this app is.

The highlight feature of TickTick is its colorful list. List itself is a feature that allows you to manage the tasks you have on TickTick. For each list you create, you can choose create different color. Color is useful enough to categorize your list. In addition to colorful list, TickTick also features several parameters you can make use of to manage your tasks. TickTick for Mac is extremely similar to TickTick web. Hardly any difference. The only difference is that you don’t have to visit the TickTick website every time you want to access your tasks, as well as adding new ones.

2. Todoist for Mac

Todoist is also a colorful to-do list app just like TickTick. It’s just, it uses different term for its tasks list management feature. Instead of “list”, Todoist uses the the term “project”. You can also use different color for every project you create. When adding new items (tasks) on each project, there are two parameters you will find handy: tag and priority level. Especially for priority level, this feature is pretty handy to help you be more productive since you would have known upfront what tasks to do next once you done with certain one. The Mac version of Todoist also takes the web experience to the desktop, without needing to be hassle visiting the website of Todoist to access as as well as adding new tasks.

3. Remember The Milk for Mac

Remember The Milk¬†is another cloud-based to-do list app that provides an app for Mac. It also brings the web experience to the desktop. Same as Wunderlist, Remember The Milk doesn’t support colorful list. However, if you really love something colorful, Remember the Milk allows you to add different color for tags, which you can add every time you create a new task. It’s just, you will only be able to change the tag color if you upgrade your free Remember The Milk version to premium. The Remember The Milk app for Mac is available in a binary file (.dmg) which you can download on its official site.

4. Todo Cloud for Mac

Almost forget to mention. All to-do list apps above can be used as a collaboration tool. You can share certain lists with your team members and assign the contained tasks to them. So is Todo Cloud. While you can use Todo Cloud as a personal task management tool, you can also use it to manage your team tasks. Todo Cloud also offers a Mac version, which you can download here. The Mac version of Todo Cloud is also available as a binary file. Same as four to-do list apps above, the Mac version of Todo Clod is also the “clone” of the web version. Todo Cloud offers colorful list like TickTick and Todoist in case you love something colorful.

5. Omnifocus

Omnifocus is a to-do list app that is designed specifically for Apple’s products. This app is only available for macOS (the operating system of Mac) and iOS. You can download the binary file of Omnifocus for Mac (available in .dmg file) on its official site. The overal features offered by Omnifocus are not much different to five to-do list apps above. This tool also comes with list and folder to get things more organized.

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