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Prepaway Incorporating Top Microsoft Certifications into Your Career

Certifications aren’t just add-ons to your professional career; these are key instruments to keep you going and keep you relevant in the IT industry. And when we talk about certifications, one IT organization that always stands out among the rest is no other than Microsoft.

As a principal IT vendor, Microsoft makes sure that they only deliver the latest and the best IT certifications for different IT professionals. Accordingly, this well-known company has embraced some extensive deviations to stay pertinent in the market. So before the complete replacement of the previous theory-centered credentials, here’s a list of the top Microsoft certifications by levels – MTA, MCSA, MCSD, and MCSE prepaway.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

An impeccable starting point to your career, MTA certifications offer you vital groundwork of various IT features and functions.

  • MTA: Database Fundamentals

For those who want to delve into the domain of databases, you’ve got something waiting for you with exam 98-364. Through this test, you’ll gain footing about key database objects and security terms, along with data backups and storage.

  • MTA: Security Fundamentals

Exam 98-367 is the validation you need to assess your security fundamentals. In this exam, you learn more about security concepts, including security layers and software. This also elaborates operating system security and network security, which expound on topics like user authentication, encryption, password policies, firewalls, and such.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)

Take your career to the next level with MCSA credentials. These certifications are the gateway to more advanced Microsoft validations.

  • MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014

To prove your expertise as a database analyst or database developer, there’s the MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 certification. This credential is definitely one of the top MCSA certifications, but acquiring such requires you earn an MTA credential first. Then, you need to complete three exams namely: 70-461, 70-462, and 70-463.

Exam 70-461 is associated with querying Microsoft SQL server database while exam 70-462 is all about administering database systems through core functions like keeping up, backing up, and securing data. Lastly, exam 70-463 is for those who want to enhance their skills in creating BI solutions, data cleansing, and implementing data warehouse.

  • MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Another in-demand MCSA certification is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, which is set to retire this December 31, 2019. The validation is highly attractive among programmers, consultants, and other IT personnel. This certification also revolves around three exams: 70-764, 70-765, and MB6-894. Still, you need to pass only two of them either 70-764 or 70-765, and then MB6-894.

Exam 70-764 tests your administrative proficiency, which includes tasks such as installing, maintaining, and configuring database systems. Exam 70-765 assesses your mastery in provisioning, upgrading, and migrating SQL databases as well as integrating Azure apps. MB6-894, unlike the two exams, is already part of the new role-based tests. It’s the exam that takes on your expertise in development, extension, and deployment of Dynamics 365 for finance and operations.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

If you want to become a skilled developer in business applications via Microsoft tools and technologies, MCSD is an imperative certification to partake.

  • MCSD: App Builder

At present, the only remaining MCSD offered by Microsoft is App Builder, which is the certification to prove your skills in creating modern mobile along with web apps and services. The prerequisite credential is either MCSA: Universal Windows Platform or MCSA: Web Applications.

And to gain the MCSD: App Builder certification, you need to complete one of the following exams: 70-357 (Developing Mobile Apps), 70-486 (Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Apps), and 70-487 (Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services).

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

MCSE is considered a top-tier certification level designed for IT experts. Because of its level, earning such requires certain prerequisites like MTA and MCSA certifications.

  • MCSE: Business Applications

For those who want to further upgrade their skills in Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies, particularly in specific business subjects, MCSE: Business Applications is the best option. However, you only have until this year to earn this certification. Before you get to pursue your MCSE: Business Applications, you should have completed your MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations credential.

Then, you need to successfully pass one of its required Microsoft Dynamics 365 exams: MB2-716 (Customization and Configuration), MB2-718 (Customer Service), MB2-719 (Marketing), MB6-895 (Financial Management), MB6-896 (Distribution and Trade), MB6-897 (Retail), and MB6-898 (Talent). Opt for the MCSE exam that you want to specialize in.

  • MCSE: Data Management and Analytics

MCSE: Data Management and Analytics credential is intended for database designer, database analyst, and business intelligence analyst who want to specialize their skill in SQL administration, particularly in BI data and enterprise-scale data solutions on both cloud and on-premise settings. Before pursuing this MCSE credential, you must first earn one of the following MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014, SQL 2016 Database Development, Database Administration, Machine Learning, Data Engineering with Azure, and BI Development certifications.

Next step is to pass one of the listed Microsoft SQL Server exams: 70-464 (Developing SQL Server Databases), 70-465 (Designing Database Solutions), 70-466 (Implementing Data Models and Reports), 70-467 (Designing BI Solutions), 70-762 (Developing SQL Databases), 70-767 (Implementing a Data Warehouse via SQL), 70-768 (Developing SQL Data Models), and 70-777 (Implementing Azure Cosmos DB Solutions).

Best Exam Materials to Utilize

From the Microsoft website, you get to maximize various exam materials, which include instructor-led sessions, online courses, and practice tests. Considering that Microsoft does not divulge the specific exam outline, time duration, and the number of questions for each exam, it’s highly recommended to take different practice tests. Venture other top-rated references like Prepaway, which has been supporting lots of IT professionals for many years. Prepaway offers a series of exam dumps for the above-mentioned Microsoft certifications.


In each certification exam, there might be certain prerequisites before you are given the go signal to pursue such certification. So, better know what you are up to and what it takes to complete your credential. From database developer to IT programmer to analysts, for sure these Microsoft credentials will help you build a great IT career.

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