The Benefits of Running a Business in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

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The Benefits of Running a Business in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

The efficiency of business processes directly affects the progress of the company. As a business grows successfully, new tasks and needs inevitably arise that require increasing capacity and applying new scenarios for using cloud services. The Microsoft Azure platform helps create, deploy and manage applications on a global network.

Moving to the Cloud is Key to Business Success and Efficiency

The clouds, what are they for? This question may have arisen before, but recent years have been special for many companies, and some of them have felt an urgent need for new solutions. Thus came the need for Azure managed services.

Companies had to adapt to working remotely, when communication with colleagues, customers and partners changed dramatically. And even though face-to-face meetings were gone. Business communication occurred only remotely. The need to implement new projects did not disappear and even became more acute. Many companies have benefited from cloud solutions, which helped them quickly get used to the new conditions and set up business.

Thanks to the cloud, it is possible to solve various tasks:

  • Rent virtual servers (websites, online stores, CRM systems can be hosted in the cloud);
  • Quickly launch projects, applications, programs, and develop online sales;
  • Accelerate the creation and implementation of new services in the company; set up remote work and virtual desktops;
  • Create a secure environment for storing information and preventing data loss;
  • Backup and restore data, and so on.

Any B2B customer is always focused on the benefits and profits for the business when planning to implement something new. Cloud services allow businesses to optimize their IT infrastructure. They help create more agile processes, store and process data more securely and even save money. Pay for cloud services only when you need them.

What’s Behind Microsoft’s Azure Platform

Azure is reliable and efficient, with 100 secure data centers in more than 60 countries running its cloud services. Azure offers more than 200 products and services to help plan and execute any business need.

The company’s customers can securely store and process their data from anywhere using the Azure platform, which is continually being improved. Microsoft has not stopped and is working hard to develop the technology and make it even more secure and efficient.

Scenarios for using Azure can be found in a variety of areas:

  • Financial sector: debtor analytics, financial modeling, risk management, fraud tracking.
  • Medical and life insurance: patient data preservation, medical device analytics and data processing, data processing in medical and scientific research.
  • Trade: assortment optimization, inventory processes, project logistics (3PL), sales data processing, and all this not just in retail chains.
  • Energy & Natural Resources: digital transformation of industry processes, industrial internet of things, processing of large industrial data sets. Contact xamarin app development and take advantage of advanced services.
  • Manufacturing: increasing productivity of production processes, safety in production, quality control of goods.
  • Public sector.

Azure allows you to use some products locally. You have professional technical support. Billing of services is as clear, and transparent as possible. The equipment and resources are on the operator’s site and do not require technical support from the client. The cloud service allows you to use only those resources that are needed right now, and if necessary, increase them quickly.

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