Can I View Children’s Phone Messages Easily in 2020?

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Can I View Children’s Phone Messages Easily in 2020?

Do you think your kid is being bullied? Or sending random texts or sexts? Or dealing with cyber crimes? Well, there is an effortless way you can control your child’s mobile phone by using an online spy services provider.

FoneMonitor brings much more than just reading phone messages. It allows you to track calls, location, SMS, web history, SIM location, and spy on almost all the social media apps. For this reason, FoneMonitor surpasses other services. Keep on reading to find out how to view children for messages with FoneMonitor?

How to use one Monitor to read iMessages or SMS?

You can monitor messages in 3 simple steps given below;

Step 1: Visit the official website of FoneMonitor and sign up for the account. Account creation is entirely free, all you need is to enter your email address and the password to continue.

Step 2: The next step is the configuration, follow the instructions to set the app for the target device by entering the required information. Add target’s iCloud credentials and verify in case your child is using an iOS device.

Step 3: Once you have completed the second step, a dashboard will be set up where you can read all the messages and SMS from your child’s phone.

You will get notified every time your child gets a message or sends it to someone.

Benefits of using FoneMonitor

In the United States, about 80% of teenagers use a mobile phone, and half of these have smartphones, which means they have access to the internet, games, all the social media applications, and cameras.

This increases the fear in many parents as the fear of growing cyber crimes but with the different parental control apps, you can keep track of what your kids are doing.

FoneMoniter brings multiple benefits to the user, such as parental and worker monitoring, two-factor authentication, and message tracking without letting the next person know. Here is what these terms refer to?

Parental monitoring

FoneMonitor is one of the online spy services providers which helps the parents to keep an eye on your child’s phone. It is used in 190 plus countries around the world for its reliable services and user-friendly interface.

It helps the parents to know what their kid is doing on his mobile phone. Who is texting or receiving the messages? Keep track of the contacts present in the messages section, know the details of the sender such as contact number & the picture. You can log in to your child’s account using this message monitor anytime, anywhere.

Easy to Operate

It shows you the username and password of the account the person is using, unlike many other applications that need two-factor authentication and work on the OTP. This OTP is received on the users (person spying) mobile phone and is supposed to be fed into the account in order to log in. This makes FoneMonitor much simpler and easier to use.

All you need is to log in to the official website in your account, enter the details of your child’s mobile phone, and start viewing it through the dashboard.

To Monitor Employees

Selling out secrets to other companies is very common in the market. As everyone is running a race to earn more and more profit and become popular in the respective industry, so people use cheap tactics to become number 1 and hiring someone to sell the details of his/her company by staying inside it is one of them. But employers can keep track of their employees by using a message monitor.

It will help them find out if their employees are texting during work hours, who they are texting, and what their messages contain, it will also help to learn them about their login credentials. This way, they can keep track of the employees and protect your company in the best possible way.

The best way of spying while staying hidden

When you are using FoneMonitor to track your child’s phone calls or messages, it is implausible for them to find out. The professional designing of the entire FoneMonitor makes it perfect for safe spying. It is a user-friendly interface, and easy navigation allows you to monitor all the messages right away.

No need to jailbreak

It allows you to assess all the private messages, including SMS and iMessage in just a few clicks does not matter if they are on an Android phone or an iPhone. You can read any message even if it is deleted or undelivered you can view the files through the SMS or MMS. There is no need to root the mobile phone because the cutting edge technology and professional designing employed in FoneMonitor make it possible for you without jailbreaking.


If you are currently planning to use a phone Monitoring service to keep an eye on your child’s messages, we recommend you to use FoneMonitor because the features offered by it are unlikely to be offered by any other services provider.

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