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FAQ Regarding SIM Only Deals

SIM only deals are very famous in the UK region because of its versatility, prices, and convenience. In SIM only deals you will get the free minutes, text messages and mobile data. In this content, we will share questions that are frequently asked by the people.

What are the SIM only deals?

SIM only deals are the contract in which you are paying just for the SIM, not for the whole mobile. In SIM deals you can get exclusive deals like free text messages, free minutes and free mobile data but for the limited amount and time. Mostly, people don’t want to change their mobile go for the SIM only deals. Just buy the SIM card and insert it in your existing mobile phone.

Why it’s beneficial to get it?

Well, there is a win-win situation in using the SIM only deals. The major benefit is you can save lots of pounds by using the SIM only deals, as well as the SIM only deals are more convenient than mobile phone contracts. There is a duration limit in the SIM only deals. Either you want the deal for a day or for the whole year, totally depend on your need. The one more thing you don’t need to top up your mobile while you need to use the mobile phone for making the call, text or mobile data using.

Which Companies are best for SIM only deals?

There are lots of companies in the UK that are offering the SIM only deals. But according to our research and testing, we have extracted a few companies that are offering the ultimate SIM only deals at cheap rates. The companies are Three, Vodafone, BT, Virgin Mobile, and Smarty. The Three Company has amazing offers, there offer rates are somehow cheap as compared to other companies.

Can I use my Existing Mobile Number?

Of course, you can use your existing mobile number on a new SIM card. Mostly, people don’t want to change their existing mobile number, for those people we have a solution. Whenever you buy the new SIM card, call the network operator and tell them you want to retain your existing mobile number, then after that, they will ask you for the PAC number, then a new number and existing number. After some duration, your existing number will replace with the new number in a short time.

How long it will take to reach me?

You can receive your SIM card in a week. Almost 5 working days can be spent in SIM delivery. For activating the SIM card you have to call the network operator, then your SIM will activate in 48 hours.

How Much Money can save on SIM only deals

Actually, there is no exact calculation for the money you can save on the SIM only deal. But this obvious you can save lots of money as compared to mobile phone contracts. According to us, you can save more money when you go for the SIM only deal contract for a long duration.

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