5 Hacks to Improve Your Old Mobile Signal Strength

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5 Hacks to Improve Your Old Mobile Signal Strength

Weak mobile signals are frustrating, especially when we are away from home or in a remote location. We constantly struggle to reach out to our loved ones. But, it’s not always the signal issues. Sometimes it’s your phone too. You can fix the problem by trying a few harmless and effortless hacks.

Moving near the window or changing your location can help as the initial quick fixes. You can also try restarting your device, as it’s helpful in most cases.

But are mobile signals dependent on the mobile phone you are using? If your phone has some problems, you can trade-in phones with newer models. You can sell phones and get new ones through a trade-in process.

What are some foolproof hacks that you can try?

In this blog, let’s find out the main reasons and hacks to fix your signal problems in your mobile phone.

5 Main Causes for Bad Signal Reception in Cell Phones

There are half a dozen reasons why your phone is not functioning or struggling at signal reception. We have already discussed the obvious reason, but there are other reasons you may not be aware of. Don’t worry. We got it sorted for you.

We have listed the five reasons below so you can look into the matters and resolve them accordingly. We will dive into details in this section.

Thicker House Walls

The signals travel through radio waves, and thick walls are one of the hurdles for these signals to pass across. The thickness of walls can be the type of construction material used while building the house. Some shelves on top of these walls are a bigger blockade. It can be books or vases, or photo frames. The cupboards can also restrict the signal flow throughout the house.

Many Wireless Devices

Another possible reason for the signal issue is crowded areas. This is because multiple devices usually struggle to catch the same airwaves. The cell towers can get jumbled up. When the antenna has more signal requests than capacity, it rejects other airwaves. You can try and sell Apple watch or sell electronic devices that you don’t use.

Signal Interference

There is a strong chance that different wireless devices at your home interfere with your cell signals. These devices can be your kitchen accessories, smart security devices, mobile phones, or even the fridge. The constant connections can sometimes interfere with your mobile’s signal.

Distance From Access Points

The main reason why your device is struggling to catch signals is that you are away from the router. The usual range for a router is 2000 square feet, so if your router is at this distance or away from it, your device will not be able to connect to the internet or catch signals.


Sometimes the location where you are is why your mobile phone cannot connect to the radio waves. If the site is remote or has fewer cell towers in the area, you will surely struggle to connect to the signals. Having smart devices also helps with locationary issues. You can try phone refurbishment to integrate strong features to catch signals.

These are some main reasons your mobile phone is not connecting to the signals. Now that you know why your phone is not related to the service, it’s time to understand the solutions.

5 Hacks to Fix Signal Strength on Mobile Phone

As you know the issues now, we will tell you some beneficial ways to fix your phone’s ability to receive and respond to signals.

Power Cycle Your Device

Power cycling may be the cliche, but it seems to work fine in most cases. If your device is lagging or isn’t catching signals, you should power cycle it and wait for at least 30 to 60 seconds to turn it back on. This will probably resolve the signal issue instantly. Because of its efficiency, most IT specialists also suggest this method as the first step.

Update Your Phone

If you live in a residential area with no signal problems but still facing disconnectivity issues, it’s time to update your phone or sell it to get a new one. Trade phones to save money. Besides that, you can go to the phone’s setting and update the software to see if that’s giving any different results. If the phone is not up to date model-wise, you can trade-in phones at the store near you or sell iPhone to get a new one.

Use Signal Booster

A dozen companies provide signal boosters for people who cannot connect to LTE or radio waves for particular reasons. These signal boosters are also called repeaters or amplifiers because they amplify 3G to 4G to any phone’s carrier.

You must buy a portable booster for signals to use your phone for calls and the internet. You can use these boosters for commercial or residential purposes.

Change Your Location

A solution to improve your old mobile signal strength is to change your location or the spot where you have placed your router. This will drastically improve the signal performance. Rewire your router for the radio waves to freely flow among the house. You can also try to shift to a room that doesn’t have thicker walls or a room with minimal furniture.

Try WiFi Devices

WiFi has become a substitute for cellular signals. People are relying on WhatsApp, Messenger, and other social applications with WiFi. You can also carry an internet device around until the issue is resolved permanently. If not, you can also stabilize the power for internet routers.

These are some tried and true ways to fix your phone and the related problems. You can also try to get in touch with a technician or IT professional if the problem is persistent.


Cell phones are devices that we use every day, and we find it difficult to pass a day without them. It’s not just a useful device when we have signals, but it’s also a good source of entertainment. So, you need to check your phone’s health regularly and take preventive measures as required.

Lastly, if nothing works and you’re on a budget, search for used cell phones near me and invest in a good product. This move will definitely settle your troubles. Also, please don’t get to the action of things and try anything at home. Use a service provider as the last resort.

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