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4 Exciting Features of the iPhone 12

It has been more than a decade since Steve Jobs took upon himself to revolutionize the modern smartphone, fortunately for tech enthusiasts, the revolution has seen no stopping over the years. With one masterpiece after the other, Apple’s flagship catalogue–the iPhone–has seen immense expansion.

With the newest launch – iPhone 12 – Apple has lived up to its reputation of making the latest tech accessible to everyone. Starting at the cost of $799, the latest iPhone 12 packs quite a punch and makes for a compelling purchase even when a dozen new smartphones launch in the market every single day.

Positioned as the ‘iPhone for everyone’ — iPhone 12 lineup has pushed the technology of its predecessor several notches higher. With better cameras, a brand new design, faster processor, and a wider collection of colors to choose from, the iPhone 12 is certainly worth a shot. Those who have older models of iPhone that need repair may look for an apple iphone repair center.

1. New iPhone 12. New design

With the iPhone 12, Apple takes us back to the era of squared-off edges. Reminiscent of the much loved iPhone 4, it reinvents the classic iPhone design with a modern twist thus making it instantly recognisable as the iPhone. Be assured of making a bold style statement even when you casually whip out your phone at the mall or on the bus.

This retro design packs both functionality and aesthetic. The flat edges are elegantly sandwiched between two pieces of glass and sits comfortably in your palm. Compared to the iPhone 11, one may notice smaller bezels. The iPhone 12 is smaller, lighter, and thinner than its predecessor the iPhone 11.

2. OLED Display

The iPhone 12 lineup becomes the first generation of phones made by Apple to include OLED display in every model. For the uninitiated, OLED display has greater picture quality and overall experience in comparison to LCD. The iPhone 12 marks Apple’s departure for using LCD screens to using OLED screens even in their lower-end models.

Unlike an ordinary LCD screen, an OLED screen can display true blacks because its pixels can turn off completely while displaying content in black. The difference between an LCD and OLED screen is immediate — colours appear more vibrant, visuals are enhanced and blacks are truer. The iPhone 12’s Super Retina XDR display makes watching and editing photos and videos or simply scrolling through social media a much more enjoyable experience.

Apart from the superior quality of graphics, incorporation of OLED technology also allows for thinner bezels in a device. It offers wider viewing angles and improves screen durability. No wonder Apple has declared the iPhone 12 to be ‘the most durable smartphone ever.’

With a higher resolution and greater pixel density in comparison to its predecessors, the iPhone 12’s well-designed technology makes it quite the superstar to behold. If you notice damage on the display, it is advisable to look for an iphone repair expert.

3. 5G Connectivity

Technology over the years has seen rapid development. When it comes to cellular connectivity, the demand of every modern smartphone user is only one: 5G. Fifth-generation mobile network, commonly dubbed ‘5G’, is the latest breakthrough in cellular technology. 5G means insane download speeds, low latency rates, increased network capacity and low power consumption. Imagine downloading an HD movie in mere seconds, well, 5G has you covered.

Like for all of its other devices, Apple has taken several intelligent decisions that can prove to be watershed moments for them. The 5G software in iPhone 12 is optimised to smartly shift to use extra bandwidth when available and fall back to LTE when necessary. By using the new 5G Auto switch in Settings, the user can allow iOS to decide when it is best to switch to 5G.

5G technologies are relatively rare at the moment and are expected to first roll out in popular metropolitan cities of the world. By incorporating 5G in the new iPhone 12, the tech giant has taken a step towards envisioning a world that is ubiquitously connected.

4. MagSafe

When it comes to the iPhone 12, it seems like Apple has taken out all the big guns. With the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple has revived the Magsafe legacy.

MagSafe refers to a wide range of accessories to pair with the iPhone. These accessory solutions include the $39.9 MagSafe charger. This charger has created considerable buzz in the market and rightly so. It offers superfast apple charging wires and magnetically auto-aligns with the iPhone every time you put it to charge.

Not only that but other accessories such as the Magsafe Wallet and the MagSafe Silicone Case can be grouped with the device as well.

In conclusion:

The iPhone 12 has several new features that make it worth its price. With
its enhanced technology, exciting accessories, and revamped design, it
makes for a compelling upgrade. With many iPhone 12 UK deals out there, the
much-awaited iPhone 12 is proof that Apple hasn’t run out of fuel yet.

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