9 Top-Featuring iPhone Keyboard Tips: Experience Fast and Reliable Typing

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9 Top-Featuring iPhone Keyboard Tips: Experience Fast and Reliable Typing

The world seems to be enjoying brand-new features and the fastest performance with the newest innovation of iPhone series- iPhone 12. While discovering the latest functions and smooth execution of tasks, the typing on Pro and Pro Max models might appear the same tedious and boring.

Are you excited to learn some amazing tricks about your iPhone keyboard? As you use a keyboard for sending messages, emails and taking notes on your iPhone, then we are sure that you will love these tips. All credit goes to iOS built-in features; so that you need not rely upon any third-party keyboard tools. Let the fast-typing experience begin.

1. Adjust the Keyboard Dimensions on Pro Models

Apple started launching Plus models instead of only 4.7-inch models with iPhone X. So, users who have been habituated with those smaller models might find it difficult to cope up with bigger screens. Especially when you are talking about typing with a single hand, and you are on the way to somewhere.

However, iOS has brought an amazing solution to this problem. You can align the iPhone keyboard on the left or right according to your convenience. Locate the Globe icon or the Emoticon key. Hold the key until the option appears. Now, squash the keyboard to your right or left and start typing. In case the keyboard doesn’t respond to your tap, then render iPhone Repair Service, immediately.

Well, such a shortcut setting might not be available on your iPhone keyboard, if you haven’t enabled multiple keyboard features. Don’t worry as you can manually change the keyboard alignment from Settings. Go to General and enter the Keyboard section. Activate the One-Handed Keyboard option, furthermore.

2. Want to Delete the Last Typing? Just Shake

No doubt, you type and delete the mistakes while you are focusing on a message or an important official mail. And, tapping on the Delete button takes you back to where you have started and thus, takes up your valuable time. Thus, if you want to remove an entire paragraph that you have typed at a stretch, it can be easily wiped out.

Give your iPhone a mild shake and the last typed content will vanish. You can now type with a fresh start. And, the fun fact is that you need not activate any specialized setting for this shake-to-undo functionality. So, grab your iPhone and give this trick a chance, right now.

3. Launch 3D Touch Cursor

Can you remember those struggling moments when you wanted to modify the spelling of a single word in the entire text? And, you couldn’t and had to delete some part of it. Additionally, e-type the rest. Selecting a portion of a word for making any change is not at all easy for smartphone users.

But, you can bid goodbye to all such chaos with iPhone’s 3D Touch Cursor. Available for iPhone 6s and later models, you can enable this function at any time. Just firmly tap and hold the Spacebar button of the keyboard. Don’t lift your finger and swipe your finger to the word that you want to rectify. Now, release the finger after adjusting the accurate cursor position. You are able to alter the word or its spelling.

4. Swipe from Letter to Letter for Typing

The conventional way of typing is to tap over the entire keyboard and form the text. But, swiping from letter to letter can make the typing much faster. It would be quite hard if you try swiping or QuickPath feature for the first time.

But, with time and practice, if you get accustomed to swipes, then it would require less time and effort to type. Start from the initial letter, and then swipe through the letters without lifting your finger. Release the grip once the word forms. If you make any mistake, then just tap the Delete button once. The entire word will be erased.

5. It’s Time to Generate Text Replacements

Whether it be ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘All the Best’ phrases, you might have to use similar sentences for multiple times for multiple receivers at different time frames. iOS has brought an out-of-the-box method to reduce your endeavors on typing. Create cool text shortcuts with the built-in iOS technique, Text Replacement. Here’s the simple guideline.

  • Enter Settings and explore General.
  • Find out the Keyboard section and tap on Text Replacement.
  • Locate the + sign to register a new one. Place the text in the Phrase box.
  • Next, place the shortcut to identifying the phrase in the Shortcut box.
  • Ultimately, press the Save option.

Now, whenever you have to use the phrase just type the shortcut and the phrase would show up on its own.

6. Insert Numerics or Capitalize Text with a Single Swipe

Most often, you have to switch between the text and numeric keyboard again and again, when you need both simultaneously. Don’t get confused and avail an easy trick for typing numerics in between your texts. Swipe your finger from the 123 key and the numeric keyboard will appear. Go to the numerics and special symbols you require getting typed.

Similarly, you can capitalize the preferred letters of the note or text, without tapping the Shift key twice. On the other hand, if you have kept Auto-capitalization disabled, then this trick is super convenient. According to iPhone Repair Service experts, swipe from the Shift key to the letter that should be capitalized. Hence, you can escape from the double-tapping on the Shift key.

7. Speak instead of Typing

Typing on a long stretch seems extremely monotonous and tiring. To get rid of this, you can convert your speech into text. Dictate your text and your iPhone would turn those speeches into prominent texts.

To activate this feature, tap on the Microphone symbol of the keyboard. And, record your voice. Use this tip when you are too busy to type. When you finish the text or dictation, tap Done.

8. Having Trouble with Select and Copy?

Whether you want to select a collection of words or the entire text, the selection is quite easy with iPhone devices. Tap twice in a row over a particular word and the word will get selected. And, you have to tap thrice in a stretch to select the entire text.

You get more options such as Copy, Cut, Paste while selecting a text. Pinch the selected portion with three fingers to activate these options. And, choose one of them to cut, copy and paste.

9. Access Special Characters

Do you want your texts to sound more practical? If you really wish for special and accent characters, then don’t fret; you need not avail a third-party keyboard for that. iOS keyboards are capable of delivering you special characters with a single tap.

For instance, you have to write mediaéval. Therefore, tap and hold the E key. It would show up all possible accent letters there. Opt for the one that you require. Lift the finger once you’re done.

Download your Favorite iPhone-Compatible Keyboard Application

The iPhone is a tough security device and you need not freak about the authority of the third-party apps if your iPhone permits the installation. So, you can install third-party compatible iPhone keyboards to enjoy more themes and customization for a smooth typing. Gboard from Google is a fully working keyboard that comes with your latest purchased iPhones.

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