3 Ways to Use Technology in Your Presentation

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3 Ways to Use Technology in Your Presentation

Are you with us when we say that presenters used ladders to display and explain information to the audience? Back in the 1960s, presenters used to climb up the ladder to deliver a piece of information. Don’t believe me? Check out this image from NASA scientists demonstrating a photojournalist their space exploration calculation.

The presentation technology has evolved in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. What followed it was overhead projectors. The introduction of PowerPoint in 1987 revolutionized the way we presented. Meanwhile, overhead projectors were slowly becoming a thing of the past and we’re getting more compact av systems with various features.

The early 2000s marked the beginning of digital presentations and there was no looking back thereafter. Paper flip charts and slide projectors in schools and offices were being replaced with slides on computers. Just technology things!

In this article, we will walk you through 3 ways to use technology in your presentations with more than 8 tools at your disposal. Get ready to equip yourself with the modern-day corporate arm — Presentations with tech.

1. Wearable Tech

It may sound like science-fiction stuff but wearable technology has not only revolutionized fitness and well-being, but also the way we present. The modern-day tools allow you to control the presentations on the go saving you precious time.


Imagine you are in the middle of a presentation and the audience has a lot of questions to ask. Passing the regular mic would steal the seconds from your presentation time. Catchbox allows you to toss around the microphone while giving joy to the passers. The microphone is stuffed inside a padded cube making passing a lot more fun, and above all, saving your time.

Myo Gesture Control Armband

This is yet another amazing gadget showing us how technology can change the way we present. Myo Gesture Armband is set to succeed the slide clickers, for it helps you control your presentation through your gestures.

2. Enhancement Tools

These tools let you improve your slide look and feel by adding multimedia elements and choosing from a wide range of templates. Use these to polish or create your presentations altogether.


Slide enhancement tools list without the mention of Canva would be an injustice to it. One of the best online design tools out there, Canva gives you the liberty to create and display your presentations right on it. With a repository of professional PowerPoint templates available, creating presentations could be really fun on Canva.


There is no hard and fast rule to present only as slides, right? SlideDog allows you to present your data as a multimedia presentation. Moreover, you can also conduct quick live polls and control the presentation remotely through your smartphone.


Among all the tools, Prezi is the one that impressed me the most. It seems like a combination of Zoom and PowerPoint with a lot of more added features. You can create engaging visuals in no time and appear alongside the presentation. It also empowers you to record and share the presentation for later. Great tool during these trying times, isn’t it?

3. App-Based Tech

App-based technology can prove to be the icing on the cake if you are already using the above tools. It promises better engagement and participation. Check out these apps for the above purpose.

Poll Everywhere

Boasting themselves to engaging millions of teams worldwide, Poll Everywhere‘s key feature is to get instant feedback during virtual meetings, classes, and events. As you conduct a poll, the attendees can answer it and the feedback can be displayed live on the screen.


Glisser brings in features as those of social media. Attendees can like, comment, and share the slides thus making your slides more interactive. Live streaming, slide sharing, audience engagement, robust analytics, and topflight security protocols are some of its key features.

Other Honourable Mentions

Besides these amazing tools, several other presentation tools use technology, although you may be quite familiar with them. Even though they are not uncommon, they add a huge value to our presentation goals creating an impactful message. These tech-based tools are the pioneers in the presentation line and are going to be here indeterminately.


With more than 6700 free templates in its library, Slidehunter is one of the best tools to meet your presentation design goals. A collection of free downloadable templates, backgrounds, and pre-designed slide themes is what sets them apart.

Brain-themed templates, match-themed templates, pyramid templates, and goal lane templates are some of the best notable templates they have to offer.


All this while, we were discussing the PowerPoint presentations without a special shoutout to PowerPoint. Been around for a long time already, it is one of the most widely used tools from Microsoft Office’s suite of tools. Be it a school project presentation or a sales growth presentation in the corporates or any other, PowerPoint always delivers.

It is the first tool that strikes our mind upon hearing the word “presentation”. Interestingly, we often use PowerPoint interchangeably with presentations. That in itself speaks volumes of its significance in our lives.


Another simple yet effective tool to create powerful presentations in Google Slides. One of the two most widely used presentation tools, Slides comes with a library of elegant themes, fonts, templates, animations, video effects, and more just like PowerPoint. It’s also really easy to find free Google Slides and Powerpoint templates to utilize to make your presentation more organized and pretty.

The tool is quite handy to use and you can start creating your presentation on the browser from your Google account or on the PC app. The best feature it offers is collaboration. When shared with your team members, it enables them to view and edit the same presentation you are working on.

Wrapping Up!

Presentation technology has visibly evolved over the past few decades. From flip charts and slide projectors to pocket projectors and computer slides, technology’s use in presenting information has only made things easier for humanity. rom flip charts and slide projectors to pocket projectors and computer slides, technology’s use in presenting information has only made things easier for humanity. Even religious services today do live streaming. Worship streams of weekly services is a great way to build your community.

With the introduction of wearables, live feedback system technology, and enhancement tools, the present and the future of presentation look bright. And thanks to technology, we would hopefully see way more innovations in the same discipline.

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