How to Add a New Gmail Account in eM Client

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How to Add a New Gmail Account in eM Client

eM Client is an affordable desktop-based email client app for Windows and Mac. It supports a wide range of email services including popular services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, iCloud. You can use eM Client to manage multiple email accounts. Be it email accounts from the same email service or from different email services. In case you are new to eM Client, this post will show you to add a new email account (Gmail).

To add a new Gmail account in eM Client, first, open the menu and select Tools -> Accounts.

Enter your address on the available field and click and Start Now or Next button.

On the next screen, check your name and click the Next button.

Select the data you want to import and click the Finish button.

You need to give eM Client the authorization to access your emails. Simply click your account.

On the next page, click the Allow button.

eM Client will start to synchronize your emails as well as other data you selected to be imported. Wait until the synchronization process is done.

If you want to remove your account, go back to Tools -> Accounts. Select an account you want to remove and click the trash icon.

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