Airbnb Messages: Best Practices to Follow for Automation

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Airbnb Messages: Best Practices to Follow for Automation

When it comes to making your Airbnb vacation rental business a success, everything boils down to great guest communication. This is because people prioritize great interactions as much as quality services. However, managing your messages is easier said than done. Unless you follow a well-planned communication strategy, it can be quite a pain in the neck. Ideally, your messaging plan has to be capable of maintaining accurate communication with guests.

It is all about giving the right information at a relevant time so that unnecessary back and forth messages are reduced to the minimum. Since there will be hundreds of guests to deal with at different stages of the booking funnel, you cannot expect to handle such workload alone. Messaging templates and automation can help you manage the entire guest communication system seamlessly. But you must use them the right way. Let us share a detailed guide that can help.

Setting up Airbnb Saved Messages

Considering the volume of work involved in communicating with a large customer base, it makes sense to look for easier ways. With Saved Messages, you can save pre-written guest message templates and use them repeatedly to communicate with the customers effectively. Just a click to send them across and you end up saving loads of time on repetitive processes and frequently asked questions. Here are the steps to set up Saved Messages.

  • Start by logging into your Airbnb account and accessing the “Messages Inbox”
  • Once you access the message window, click “Use a Saved Message”
  • Click “Save a new message” in the next pop-up window for saving a new message. If you want to change a previously-saved message, click “Edit saved messages”

You can use the same screen to send across a saved message. All you need to do is to click on the message box and it reaches your inbox for you to send.

Message templates

With Airbnb communication, you may need to connect with the guest at different times through the booking funnel for diverse purposes. The messaging will vary based on the objective of communication. Rather than writing a new one every time, you can rely on an Airbnb message template to simplify and automate the entire process. These are designed to nurture the leads through the different stages of conversions to the closure. Here are some common messaging templates that you can expect to use as a part of a typical communication strategy.

  • New Booking Enquiry
  • New Request To Book
  • New Reservation
  • Early Check-in Request
  • Late Check-out Request
  • Check-in Instructions
  • Check-in Reminder
  • Check-our instructions
  • Expired Inquiry
  • Guest Review Sample
  • Review Reminder

These templates simplify the task of writing messages for different purposes, so you can simply cut down your work and send them across with minor tweaks for personalization.

Messaging automation best practices

While templates have half the work done, effective guest communication is also about sending them across at the right time. You can leverage messaging automation to simplify this task as well. Fortunately, there are plenty of reliable, effective, and cost-effective automation solutions you can leverage for effective communication. But as you do so, there are some best practices that you need to follow for ensuring impactful communication. Here are the ones you need to follow.

Do not be generic with the messages

Even as the customers expect you to connect promptly, empathy in messages is something that makes them happy. Although it sounds simple to use message templates as they are, personalization is something you cannot ignore. Generic messaging appears cold or impersonal, so you need to go the extra mile. It is as easy as using smart fields for customizing the information. For example, you can include their name in the salutation and add the property name in the introduction.

Include booking details

Including booking details even in the automated messages is important as it simplifies things for you and the recipients. Once again, the smart fields in the automation solution can help. You can use them to confirm booking details such as property name and address, rental ID number, check-in and check-out dates, length of stay, and guest name and contact information. This practice makes it easy to find the information later and enable the guest to review it and spot any errors.

Include relevant contact information

Also, include the relevant contact information in the message so that the recipient can connect with you easily of they need to. Include details such as phone number, email, and website URL. Additionally, the message should have the contact details of your onsite manager and any other person they may need to connect with during their visit.

Show your gratitude

Although automation is all about leaving the process to a software solution, you cannot forget to add a human element. Make the recipient feel special by showing your gratitude for choosing to stay with you. Saying “thank you” in the message indicates that you value them. It also shows that you want the guests to enjoy their experience from the very beginning.

Give them a clear response time

Personalization should extend beyond the messaging content. Show them that you prioritize their time by providing them a specific response time frame. This helps the recipients set expectations so that they do not end up waiting to hear back. Also, make sure that you match these expectations by scheduling the messaging right.

Testing is vital

Just using the right template and personalizing it well enough wouldn’t work. Testing the automation setup is vital. Assess facts like whether the message reaches the users at the right time and the personalization of smart fields works. Also, pay attention to the qualitative aspects such as the tone of the message and completeness of information to make it helpful for the recipients.

Following these best practices can go a long way in fine-tuning your guest communication. It can build stronger connections and foster trust and loyalty. These factors can go a long way in boosting your Airbnb revenues and make it stand apart in the highly competitive landscape.

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